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Little Women (2019) Gerwig Delivers a Cut Charming Version of a Classic Tale Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Little Women (2019) is a remake, that features a powerhouse cast and the return of Oscar nominated director of Lady Bird Greta Gerwig. The films tells a story of Jo March (Saoirse Ronan) reflecting her past and struggling to finish the present, which can be related to the novel she is currently writing. Witness a charming tale simply about.... Life. The Cinematography was solid in this film, it’s a very lovely looking picture as the time period taken place in is capture accurately. The Score was solid as well, not Desplat’s best composed work in recent past, as I prefer the music he composed in Isle of Dogs and certainly The Shape of Water, but it was nice. The cast in this film all in all were pretty good as a whole, like I said earlier it features a powerhouse cast so I expected good things out of the bunch. Saoirse Ronan playing Jo March no surprise was great, not her best of her career but still was great as always. Really enjoyed the character Jo March, as she can relatable to just about everyone mostly women, but men can relate to her as far as being a dreamer and wanting to accomplish their hopes and desires. Meg March played by Emma Watson was pretty good as well, so was Florence Pugh continuing her strong year with another pretty good performance playing Amy March. I prefer Amy March over Meg, due to the fact theres more within this character of interest over the other. Timothee Chalamet playing the love interest of the gals Laurie was good, it’s your typical Chalamet performance as I didn’t see improvement nor did he unimproved from other previous roles. I do have flaws for Little Women (2019). I felt the flashbacks were kind of unnecessary, as it didn’t flow correctly and sometimes confused me, as far as which timeline are we on. I also felt Aunt March (Meryl Streep) was very under utilized, to the point where you’re questioning why was this character in the story?! It just felt like a useless character, that comes and goes says a few lines, then she’s done, there is really nothing to this character which is odd considering the fact there is some significant importance of this character’s existence. I’ve never seen any of the previous Little Women films, theres like seven of these damn things. But what surprises me the most is the fact Little Women (2019) exists, when we just had a Little Women film release not too long ago. Ya know? Little Women (2018), the film features High School Musical actor Lucas Grabeel? I bet anyone reading this has no idea what I’m talking about, there were trailers for it at the theater too. Comic book movies been copying this trend, of remaking super hero movies too quick instead of waiting a good decade or preferred twenty years, so I’m extremely surprised this remake got made that quickly. Little Women (2019) can be described with one word only: Cute. It’s a solid enjoyable tale simply about life, in which has well written characters you can relate to and are likable as you understand their struggles and flaws they go through the uncertainty of life. It’s a simply told story that can be a lesson towards life, whether it be romance or uncertainty of pursuing your dreams, for some reason I felt like I was on a chair hearing my grandparents talk and it was very refreshing. The script is solid, although basically heavily adapted because ya know... Seven versions of this film. It’s still a solid script, with clever and smart dialogue that caters to not only adults but to young children as well. That’s another thing I truly admire about this film, it’s not only for adults it can also be for children as well. How many matured PG films do we have in modern day besides the occasional animated ones?! Not many, which is pretty cool because we need more matured PG live action films like this, to help our youth to become much smarter and more wiser. If you like a movie that has a good cast, a well told story that teaches you some thoughtful messages... This is definitely for you. Overall, Little Women (2019) is a good film. I recommend this film, do see it, very cute indeed. -Mitch Smietana

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