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Little Monsters Quick View A Featured Length Laurie Berkner Band Music Video Grade: D

Source: IMDB

Little Monsters is the first ever Hulu original feature length film, that is not a documentary... How times have changed?! They start off their feature length debut, with a romantic comedy zombie horror film... Oh No. An irresponsible man child named Dave (Alexander England) whom recently had broken up with his ex, due to he didn’t want a child. Dave is now stuck living with his sister and his nephew Felix (Diesel La Torraca). Dave drops off Felix to kindergarten, as Dave realizes Felix’s teacher Mrs. Caroline (Luptia Nyong’o) is hot. So Dave volunteers to be an adult supervisor for Felix’s field trip, hoping to win the heart of Mrs. Caroline. What can get in the way of Dave trying to impress Mrs. Caroline? His terrible personality? His obnoxious behavior? Having no talent? Oh worst my child: ZOMBIES!!!! Everyone knows the zombie horror genre is not my cup of tea. Little Monsters reminds me why I can’t stand this genre, this film is completely obnoxious, to the point where I almost turned off my television. There are a couple things that kept me watching this film. That would be Josh Gad’s dedicated performance as a children’s beloved television star/children’s musician... His over the top performance was really good, I even laughed a couple times because it was so ridiculous yet entertaining to watch. I have to say: He’s the saving grace of this entire film, without him I’m likely to turn off my television. I kind of liked Luptia Nyong’o’s performance, I thought her character was kind of cute. Only issue I have with the character is her troubled past, as how she became a teacher doesn’t add up. You can’t just be a teacher out of the blue, without any education experience. I don’t know what qualifications one may have to have to be a teacher in Australia, but certainly not anyone off the street can become one, that I know for sure. The highlight of Lupita’s performance is definitely her singing a bunch of songs on a ukulele. The kids loved it, the adults loved it, the zombies loved it, heck I kind of liked it too. Lastly I enjoyed the children in this film, all of them and their Australian accents were absolutely delightful to watch. That’s where my compliments end. Our main character Dave... My God, I HATED this guy. He was an obnoxious asshole, where not at one point did I pull for him to get the girl. I will say his character had an arc at least, but at the end of the film I still highly disliked this character, he just annoyed the living hell out of me. You can tell this film was not going to be any good, where you have an opening montage of a couple consistently screaming and arguing at each other, leaving the audience a massive headache. I honestly think you could’ve made at least an ok romantic comedy out of this... But you just had to mess everything up, by adding zombies. I hated the zombies in this film. I didn’t like the makeup design for them, they looked really amateur looking and it flat out disgusted me. I also thought they were extremely obnoxious to watch as well. Also this film made these zombies extremely stupid, once our characters are in this gift shop, the zombies just stop and are no longer moving... What?! You do realize zombies don’t just stop where they’re at, just because people whom aren’t affected are in a gift shop? Zombies are relentless, they would aggressively bang their heads on the glass, hoping to get in because nothing stops them from consuming human flesh... I hate zombies, but I understand simple zombie logic. The story itself is very rubbish. Maybe if Mrs. Caroline was the main character, I probably would’ve liked it more because I can’t get behind Dave he’s awful. The comedy material was pretty flat for the most part. Other than Josh Gad’s performance and Dave banging a door on a kids head... The punch lines and humor of this film was pretty bland for my taste. To summarize Little Monsters: It’s like watching an explicit Laurie Berkner Band music video, sure the songs are catchy and fun to listen to... But the video is just poorly made, storyline is bad, as you’re wondering... Why am I watching this?! Overall, Little Monsters was a bad film. I don’t recommend this film, bad start for Hulu original films so far. -Mitch Smietana

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