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Limbo; The First Great Film of 2021 is Here! Grade: B+

Limbo tells a story about a musician named Omar (Amir El-Masry), whom is stuck on a remote Scottish island with other fellow refugees, whom areseeking asylum. Omar will be heavily acquainted with other refugees, including Farhad (Vikash Bhai) who idolizes Freddie Mercury and acquires a chicken as a household pet.

The Cinematography was absolutely breathtaking to watch, there are so many gorgeous shots in this film mostly shot in 4 by 4 ratio. Including a broken down park slide with a gorgeous color pallet, loved the nature shots, and when it switched to wide in the finale it looked absolutely gorgeous regarding the small theatre hall. The Score was solid as well.

The cast all in all t'was pretty good as a whole. Amir El-Masry playing Omar had a pretty good performance, the character Omar as written t'was engaging as you can tell the emptiness of this character seeking a better way of life, tremendously broken him completely. I mean to be away from your family just tore Omar apart, people just don't understand the amount of sacrifice people such as Omar give up to live a much better life, and the journey in getting there is no walk in the park. Omar was just very empty, I mean he couldn't even get a hold of playing his instrument again, which is his ticket for making money and such. Vikash Bhai playing Farhad was pretty good as well, a very fun character and even a solid comedic relief bringing some genuine laughs. There is one well executed scene, regarding Farhad's reasoning in wanting to leave his home land that honestly was emotional to endure. I love the bondage between Omar and Farhad, t'was a nice friendship.

I will say Limbo does have pacing issues here and there, also the ending t'was bittersweet. We're 5 months into the New Year as I was yearning for the first great film of 2021... That streak ends today, as Limbo becomes the first.

Limbo does remind me of a Yargos style kind of film: It's extremely funny, however remains consistent towards it's serious subject matter, and the tone/vibe of the film is very abnormal and different. The story t'was extremely well written, as enduring these characters in a harsh situation on their journey for asylum t'was saddening to watch. However I will say the characters try to make the best of it, despite not having much and having what's in the donation center, which offered some cool comedic gags. The comedy t'was a surprise, I wasn't expecting to be laughing hard in so many moments, whether it be the characters interacting with one another and especially the schooling moments... It offers some of the best laugh out moments of 2021 easily. I believe the character arc within Omar, coming to terms with making the right decision though he's still a long way there, but realizing he's better off not being in a country where war/chaos thrives was well done. Especially when Omar finds motivation to get back on the instrument he's playing, thought that was a very heartfelt moment. Everything surrounding Limbo just excels and it's easily going to remembered a underrated gem in years to come, love films like these, especially given the fact it's purely original and authentic as you haven't seen one like this one ever. Hopefully films like Limbo will make most Americans be extremely grateful for what they have in front of them, we are truly in a blessed position in life, as we need to be more grateful than just being a bunch of spoiled little piss pots. Sure everything in life will have problems, that’s just how it is that’s life, however the amount of ungratefulness endured everyday here is unacceptable, especially watching these characters endure on their own struggle.

Overall, Limbo is a great film. I highly recommend checking this one out, definitely worth seeing in a theater. -Mitch Smietana

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