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Like a Boss 2020’s First Laugh Creates Crickets Grade: D

Source: IMDB

Hope you all enjoy that conclusion to the year of 2019 in film. Now it’s onto talking about 2020’s new comedy film Like a Boss... Oh no. Mia (Tiffany Haddish) and Mel (Rose Byrne) have been best friends forever, but also co partners forever. They’ve been having their own makeup business for many years now, as their relationship is going strong. However like most relationships whether be friend/family wise or romantic wise, we become distracted from reality, as Mia doesn’t notice her and Mel’s company is six digits in debt. Have no fear, an over the top annoying cartoon villain is here to solve Mel and Mia’s financial situation. Claire Luna (Salma Hayek) offers to not only pay Mel and Mia’s debt, but also partnership as she can take in 49% of sales. Too good to be true?! Hell yes! Witness two best friends feud over a tragic mistake they make, as they try to not only get their business back, but their friendship back as well. You know what’s funny about Like a Boss ?!The trailer literally gives away the entire movie... I’m serious, watching this film is kind of pointless to begin with. The Cinematography was alright, typical studio looking film with average set pieces. The Score was forgettable, but at least they didn’t offer horrid music selections so I’ll give them credit for that at least. The cast in this film was whatever. I typically love Rose Byrne, she’s quite adorable in many films. In Like a Boss playing Mel... Rose come on gal, you’re better than this. Her performance was below average, her comedic style was pretty bad as I didn’t call laughing once as she displayed jokes. Tiffany Haddish playing Tiffany Haddish was obnoxious yet again, her comedic style has become completely stale at this point. I mean she was funny in Girls Trip, but when you do the same exact performance over and over again... It just becomes old as you can’t find anything funny with her act anymore. Who knows maybe one day she can change up her comedy style, but man I’ve seen enough from her. Salma Hayek playing the antagonist was a courageous and bold performance, because man oh man I would be embarrassed for anyone trying to attempt this performance. I mean I respect Salma for being this cartoonish villain, but man this honestly felt like I was watching a bad Sofia Vergara impression. Surprisingly enough I do have a couple positives for this film. I chuckled a few times, no laugh out loud moments but a few moments in this film where I did let out a nice meaningful chuckle. I also think this film trying to display a lovely message of being completely secure with yourself, without listening to judgement or over powering your face with makeup was kind of nice. So 2020 in film has not have a great start so far, I found this film kind of painful to watch. Now keep in mind just earlier as I said: I appreciate this film for trying to present a nice message. The problem is this film should not have incredibly baffling stupid moments, that don’t correlate with what your film is trying to present a thoughtful message. Should we have a vagina cake? Should we have a comedic bit of drones flying around an office and causing a ruckus? Should we have two women falling off the roof onto a pool because they were caught smoking weed? Should we have an obnoxious moment of a character struggling through an unexpected spicy dish, running/screaming around the kitchen, gagging on goats milk? I mean if you’re going to try and make a nice meaningful comedy film, then make it genuine. Don’t make it along with stupid comedy elements, that don’t work with what you’re trying to say. The story of this film was completely boring to me, I almost fell asleep because it lacked interest and felt formulated like the rest of these crap comedy films I see time and time again. Pretty much every character you just don’t like, none of them are strong characters you sympathize for or root for. I really despise the supporting characters, they were either annoying or just didn’t offer anything to the story. Sure the film made me chuckle a rare few times, but my God the comedy in this film is terrible. I get that it’s January and no one really likes Tiffany Haddish comedy films, other than Girls Trip... But man can we at least get something worth putting out in theaters at least?! Throw this in the Netflix pile, instead of making people pay a ticket for this crap, it’s just embarrassing at this point. Overall, Like a Boss is a bad movie. I don’t recommend this film, no middle aged moms stay away from this film and go get a decent lunch instead. -Mitch Smietana

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