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Let it Snow Quick View Get Ready Your Family This Holiday Season! Grade: D+

Source: IMDB

Well it’s almost that time of year again: Christmas season is approaching! We start the holiday season off with a Netflix original Christmas film... Well if you can call it a Christmas film, Let it Snow! The film takes place on Christmas Eve, featuring a bunch of uninteresting boring teenagers or uninteresting loud and obnoxious teenagers. Not only will you be confused on why this should’ve been just a stand alone romantic comedy film featuring Julie (Isabela Moner) and famous R&B singer Stuart (Shameik Moore), but also why aren’t any of these kids at home spending Christmas with their families?! Well the 2019 Christmas movie season is off to a rocky start, however this film has a couple strengths. The film is saved by Julie and Stuart’s romantic little story, as I found it quite adorable. Lead by solid chemistry from Isabela Moner and Shameik Moore, the film excels when these two are on screen. It’s unfortunate this film had to provide many characters and side plots we just don’t give a damn about, instead letting it be Julie and Stuart’s own movie. I was invested in their story, even though you can criticize how Julie and Stuart’s life story is kind of a cliche... It manages to work as a romantic holiday story, I enjoyed them. Since this film wanted to be a huge thing involving many characters: I guess Dorrie’s (Liv Hewson) side plot involving having a fling with a customer was honestly fine. It began with a struggle than ended with a triumph, so sure that worked fine for what the film was going for. That’s about it for compliments, this is a very underwhelming holiday movie that should’ve been at least average, if going towards the correct route. Let’s discuss the narration... Why was this put into the film?! It comes in the beginning and comes in the end, what was the point in having narration?! The dialogue for the narration was flat out embarrassing, it honestly made me laugh incredibly hard in the worst possible way. What comes off funny is how the narration was telling the audience, that we finally understand the lesson this film was trying to show us, as far as “Snow brings us together”?! What does that have to do with anything that went on in the entire film taking place?! It was pointless narration that felt awkward and unintentionally hilarious. Besides Julie, Stuart, and little bit with Dorrie... These characters are completely flat, as I didn’t care nor were invested in any of them. Keon’s (Jacob Batalon) only purpose in this film was to throw a party... Ok?! So why does he want to throw a party so damn bad? Does he want to be noticed off his social media page? Does he want to have friends? Does he want to get laid?! I mean why does he want to throw a party so badly for? I don’t know, you tell me. He comes off as this extremely lame comedic relief, whom only purpose is to get a party together so all of our characters can go meet up and have twenty dance montage scenes at the end. Like I would be fine with this character if they limit his scenes to two, but he gets a fair amount of screen time, for a character that is just flat out obnoxious, adding nothing to this film, and doesn’t have any reason for why he’s whining about this stupid party. Jacob ma dude listen: Pick a different role, instead of comedic relief, please challenge yourself! Let’s talk about the worst characters of the entire film: Addie (Odeya Rush) and Tin Foil Lady (Joan Cusack)... Tin Foil Lady... Well then. Addie comes off as this annoying brat, whom is obsessed with her phone and takes things out of proportion because that’s what modern day teenage girls do. Her boyfriend liked a girls pic on instagram and commented random emoji’s, that don’t sound like flirting at all, but hey Addie is a whack job and takes it the wrong way. Scratch this entire character and side plot away, we already have an annoying character in Keon, we don’t need another one that provides nothing but a massive headache. Plus Julie and Stuart’s conflict is good enough, we don’t need another unnecessary conflict that doesn’t get a solution. What is the deal in Tin Foil Lady?! Is she a metaphor for kids to not be obsessed with their phones?! How about you encourage her to spend more time with her mother, whom they don’t have a strong relationship at the moment, instead of spending Christmas Eve at a Waffle House.... Weirdo. I mean that would be helpful, but apparently this film hates the idea of family for some reason. So about the Waffle House party, we have some logic issues... How is this party even allowed?! Doesn’t every company just about have managers that run the place, not having a bunch of delinquent employees running the place? In fact whom is the manager? You can’t just go “I want to throw a party at my workplace” and figure it’ll magically come to life, especially at a chain restaurant so this isn’t even believable to begin with. The comedy material was pretty lousy, although I’ll give this film credit a couple things made me chuckle at least. I was almost on board to give this film at least a C-, but then I remembered after the film was over... How is this a Christmas movie?! Early on Julie talks about getting her mother the perfect gift, besides that it’s completely forgotten as you’re left with, wondering why all these kids are away from their family on Christmas Eve? If it was taken place during the winter season: I don’t mind any of this happening. It just feels completely off on telling a regular story taken place on Christmas, when the Christmas elements are completely abandoned within seconds. I guess the film’s message for the holiday season is: Screw your family. Overall, Let it Snow was eh, but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I don’t recommend this film, mom and dad don’t allow your kids to watch this, likely they’ll completely abandon you during the holiday season. -Mitch Smietana

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