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Let Him Go; LifeTime Television’s Adaptation of Unforgiven. Grade: C+

Let Him Go tells a story about a couple named George (Kevin Costner) and Margaret (Diane Lane), whom happen to be proud grandparents of their beloved grand child. A few years ago George and Margaret lost their son due to an accident, as their daughter in law Lorna (Kayli Carter) got married to a new man. Unfortunately for Lorna’s new man he appears to be abusive, as Margaret caught him hitting her grand child and Lorna. As Margaret was bound to visit Lorna and her grand son, it appears Lorna and her new man fled off without notice. George and Margaret will now travel to get their grand son, as they feel the situation at hand is unsafe for the little boy. Soon George and Margaret will discover Lorna’s new man mannerisms, comes from family tradition known as the Weboys.

The Cinematography was fine, not really any particular shot worth praising. It’s worth noting some shots shot in the dark were hard to make of, what was going on in a couple scenes. The Score was also fine, it’s nice standard music you’ve heard in films of the past. The cast all in all t’was solid as a whole. I liked Kevin Costner and Diane Lane playing the grandparents of this film, both had solid chemistry together as I thought individually both did their thing. Both characters as written were fairly written, you understand their motive for wanting a better life for their grand child and why they feel it’s necessary to go out of their way and retrieve the boy from growing up in an uncomfortable environment. May not be prize winning writing, however it’s fine for the basis of this dramatic thriller. Lesley Manville playing the Weboys Mother... I thought this was the best performance of the entire film by far, she was pretty good! As the antagonist Manville truly shines as when on screen, you’re just utterly disgusted with her unhealthy behavior of being a truly cruel individual as it shows a reflection on her boys. Remember from the Kajillionaire review, of how the film maker of that film discuss families are in a way like cults?! Well the Weboys are an accurate example, all thanks to the Weboys mother.

I have flaws with Let Him Go. The pacing in this film can be dreadfully slow, as you just want things to pickup. I understand when it comes to development it’s needed, but the journey and even a moment in which there’s a scene involving a dinner was boring. I would also like to point out George pointing his gun at the Weboys, threatening them to back off... There should’ve been a warning shot involved. I mean you see that this family is no way shape or form playing around, these people are bat shit crazy, they about that life. You really think they would care if they have a gun pointed at them, as they would easily flee? Please this family can smell the fear out of you. If you’re going to point a gun at them to protect your wife, by all means give them a clear sign that you ain’t messing around either.

When I watched the trailer for Let Him Go, I was honestly looking forward to it. Let Him Go how it’s structured felt similar to Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven, only Unforgiven is better than this film on every aspect, which is why I called Let Him Go the LifeTime version of Unforgiven on Letterboxd. For what Let Him Go is... It’s fine.

The story of Let Him Go like I said earlier felt similar to Unforgiven, only it’s about securing a young child from a bad situation, rather than a woman out of a bad situation. Where this story picks up for me is when George and Margaret go inside the Weboys house, as it suddenly becomes a much better film. Let Him Go does have it’s moments, including crucial intense dramatic moments and some level of excitement, especially in the ending for sure. But before hand other than Margaret witnessing the child and mother getting hit... It’s just not special, as you tend to yawn as it’s just not that interesting. If the first couple acts matched the level of the third act and even the last second half of the second act... Surely would’ve been better.

Overall, Let Him Go was an average film. I recommend watching this film when it’s available for rental, otherwise don’t rush to see this. -Mitch Smietana

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