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Le Choc Du Futur; Grade: B+

We're back again for the SXSW Amazon Prime collab virtual film festival as we'll discuss another film! Le Choc Du Futur aka The Shock of the Future tells a story about a female producer/composer Ana (Alma Jodorowsky), whom lives in a small apartment owned by a famous producer. What is left in this apartment is an incredible set up, which any producer can do many wonders with. Ana is working on a commercial, but her heart isn't there. She's inspired to create something new, as she becomes apart of the electronic wave of the music scene. While Ana needed help fixing one of her machines, the one fixing her machine brought over a boom box, it's rare to have one of these as it cost thousands of dollars. The man let Ana keep it, as she is instantly inspired to create something wavy to the table. Witness a groovy, entertaining, and even an inspiring flick that hits home for dreamers.

The Cinematography was very good, easily the best looking film of the entire film festival by far. It really captures the essence of the 1970's era, feels captured by simple throwback sets and props, t'was very cool. The Score was great, I enjoyed pretty much every aspect of the music. I enjoyed the opening soundtrack selection, reminiscing to Gaspar Noe's Climax. The music Ana was listening to and making was pretty refreshing, has a great ear for music as well as talented I tell ya. The cast all in all was pretty good too. Ana played by Alma Jodorowsky played a pretty good performance, I really enjoyed the character Ana a lot, as it reminds me of myself back in the day making music. Getting hyped about new ideas, that makes you instantly inspired to work on immediately, just felt like home during that time of my life. I do have a couple flaws for this film. I wish the film was longer, as I felt it was too short. Don't get me wrong I think it fulfills it's run time, I just wish I was on Ana's music journey a good thirty minutes more. The film has a cliche you've seen a thousand times before, as I wish it would've went to a different approach.

When it comes to the SXSW Amazon Prime virtual film festival, I honestly have to say I haven't been that impressed. Don't get me wrong I don't think any of the films are bad, some have charm to them and I did enjoyed I'm Gonna Make You Love Me... I just expected more, but then again many film makers opted out so that's why the quality level hasn't been outstanding. As for Le Choc Du Futur... A film like this is what I exactly thought I was going to get out of this film festival, this is an extremely well made film. The simplicity of the story is very satisfying, though you wish it was longer because you WANTED more. The film speaks to many dreamers out there, whom are truly passionate about their dream as they want to make for new ideas, but are turned down due to the fact it's not within the time. Ana was as a musician was looking towards the future than the now, as she was a visionary. She saw a hopeful future for the genre of music she was working on, as she was inspired to work effortlessly on a brand new sound. The elements of the film is pretty simple and is captured in one day, but it flows so smoothly as it never skips a beat. Let's talk about the music making process... It is so freaking entertaining, I enjoyed every second of it. Ana creating the song from scratch, having a talented singer partake in the song, and the listening session... I adore the whole thing really. Though the ending is kind of cliche, I still appreciate the fact it still delivers a nice message: Never stop working on your vision, as it can paved the way in the future. This is easily the best film of the entire festival, from a technical, performances, and story wise it really was well done all around.

Overall, Le Choc Du Futur is a pretty damn good film. I highly recommend checking this one out, you're going to really enjoy it I guarantee it. -Mitch Smietana

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