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Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story (2021 Tribeca Film Festival); Grade: B

Strictly Films welcomes you back to more coverage of this years 2021 Tribeca Film Festival! Our next film on the block: Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story. This documentary is centered around author Jackie Collins, little sister of famous actress Joan Collins. Here we’ll be discovering the life of Jackie regarding her teenage years in London, living with Joan, her marriages, how she used her own life experiences into her own stories, and how she became an inspiration for strong independent women.

As an aspiring writer, watching a documentary centered around a prolific writer that didn’t let anyone or anything came in the way in what she wanted to write about t’was moving. Often times especially now a days, writers are held to a bare minimum of what they are able to write about due to what is acceptable or on ones approval. But Jackie Collins?! She couldn’t care less what anyone felt about what she wrote and because she was able to remain strongly independent and not paying no mind to any noise around her... She went on to be a highly successful writer. So this film is for all the writers: Write whatever you want to write about, be your own voice, it will surely get you places as Jackie Collins is a prime example.

Another lesson you can get out of this is you don’t have to make excuses, of not making something of yourself just because you have a highly superior sibling. Often times in humanity people take blame on their older sibling, on why they aren’t highly successful like them, as expectations for themself were too overwhelming for them to be on par or surpass them. Joan Collins was a famous actress, as Jackie the younger sibling at times felt unsure if she can be on that level of success her sister was on as well as looks wise. However Jackie as she gotten older became much more mature and aware that she can indeed become someone, she would have to take risks and surely enough those risks paid off. So let Jackie Collins be a lesson to all the insecure siblings: It’s not your older siblings’ fault in where you are at in life, it’s your own fault. If you want to make something of yourself then by all means do it, high expectations created by your superior sibling shouldn’t weigh you down by any means.

As far as the story of Jackie Collins: What a Woman she was! Not only a great writer, but also a strong human being whom thrive through some difficult challenges in her life. Gifted mind indeed, but a gifted soul and heart indeed. It’s a cool unique life story to experience, one whom has experience the real side of Hollywood when it was at its prime, her involvement in films and shows, but her own life as well what goes on behind the scenes with Jackie was also interesting. They don’t make many like Jackie now a days... They sure don’t, we need more true real people in this day in age like Jackie.

Overall, Lady Boss: The Jackie Collins Story t’was a solid doc. I recommend checking this one out, it’ll primer on CNN June 27th… It’s about time that television network actually has something valuable to offer, than that horrid fictional News station. - Mitch Smietana

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