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Knock Down the House Quick View Cheers to the Women in America Seeking Change Grade: C+

Source: IMDB

Back when I was eleven years old in 5th grade, around the fall of 2006 in Marc Kahre Elementary School, I ran for student council. I ran for treasurer because I was great at math and really wanted to help shape my school towards a better direction. I won my class election, but unfortunately lost by two votes to my arch rival Kakela Smith... She was my arch rival because she didn’t like the idea of me dating her best friend aka super crush Abby Sundell, but eh forgive and forget as they say. Knock Down The House is a documentary film about women running for office preferably congress, trying to take down the norm of big money politicians, whom been in office for a long time. Seeking new ideas in change for the country moving forward. Keep in mind: My stance on politics are really up in the air for the most part, sometimes getting involved in politics is the main recipe for anger and depression, trust me I see angry people on social media every single day. For a film or doc about politics, as long as you make a film that is engaging and interest whether you agree or disagree with your views, I have no problem giving it a positive grade. The best part of this documentary is our main politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her whole backstory to how she began running her campaign was inspiring, I enjoyed her passion and commitment to changing her community for the better, she also had a few bright ideas. Despite Alexandria saying some cringeworthy moments a couple times and couple of her ideas having some loop holes in getting them accomplished, I gotta say she would’ve had my vote if I lived in New York, I’m very happy for her indeed. Definitely was the most interesting best part of the entire documentary. I also liked the moments when one of the candidates lost, they showed how crushed and heart broken they were. It’s pretty accurate as I can relate losing to Kakela for treasurer back in 2006. Like I had to be forced back in my classroom after the results because school wasn’t over yet... It was devastating as I cried my eyes out, walking back and entering the room then I had to present a small project of myself, I felt for them in that scene. The other three women candidates... I honestly could care less. There is one heart felt moment for the Nevada politician that was worth the screen time, as it showed why she was motivated to run and seek change in our country. Unfortunately her other scenes were honestly bland, uninteresting, and especially I did not care for her campaign much at all. The other two candidates I didn’t care much for their campaign all either, their ideas didn’t make me want to vote for them unlike Alexandria, they were just boring to me. Some of the politics side of the film weren’t interesting enough for me to be engaged at times, it happens. I think if this film was solely on Alexandria alone, it be a better film because the other candidates weighed this film down a little because their not interesting enough. Overall, Knock Down the House was a fine documentary. If you’re into politics this could be a nice watch for ya, if you’re not then don’t bother it’s not worth much of your time. I was happy to see in the opening Nevada politician scene, that the principal of the high school I attended had a small cameo. It was an awesome moment, shouts out Principal John A. for his unexpected Hollywood moment, great guy he’s done a great amount of change for Sierra Vista High School that’s for damn sure! -Mitch Smietana

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