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Knife + Heart Quick View A Well Written and Effective Unique Slasher Film Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Knife + Heart takes place in Paris during the summer of 1979, where a man stalks a gay porn studio and as he murders porn stars one by one. So I should get one thing quickly out of the way: This is a real movie, it actually has a plot and a story that moves, so if you thought this would be a Gaspar Noe's Love scenario, you're in luck because it's not. So what brought Knife + Heart to my attention is film maker Sean Baker had this along with Midsommar his best horror films of the year so far. Even though the plot synopsis is far out there, I was willing to give it a shot due to it's high praise. I'm actually truly impressed with Knife + Heart, this is a damn good film. The Cinematography can be compared to Suspiria (1977) visually, if you were to tell me this film was released in the 70's I would believe you. It's a visually stunning film, love the color pallet of the film as well, it just looks authentic and completely retro, def one of strongest aspects of the entire film. I enjoyed the Score, some of the music is repeated like this one key note, but it's a nice Score. The cast all around were solid, not many complaints I have with any of them. Our main character Anne aka the director/producer of these projects played by Vanessa Pareze was surprisingly a great character, really enjoyed her performance as well. Anne treats these tragedies around as an advantage for her work, it's pretty despicable and really shameful. She figures her fellow employers being killed off, would make a better plot for her porno. You can say in her defense why she wanted to make something more than just a porno, but this just literally happened just a mere day before the tragedy, when she shot those scenes, truly disrespects her fallen employers. Although Anne starts to come to reality, when she watches this graphic live show involving a woman and a bear. She finally realizes all that is happening around her is some terrifying stuff, as now she feels emotionally drained. Along with that, you have a solid romantic side plot with her significant other, where Anne is trying to impress her by being bold with her work, however her lover just only sees the egoistic side of Anne, as she loses moral respect towards Anne. As far as the slasher side of the story goes, it's well written up until the closing minute. When the film reveals the motivation for this villain, it makes clear sense why he's murdering these porn stars off one by one, it's another well written character. I do have a few flaws with this film. There's some unnecessary oral sex involved in the studio off camera, where it felt excessive. I believe the scene, where Anne visits these bird people, trying to learn about this bird feather was cool... However in the end it gotten silly, when this character showed Anne his hand. Some of the third act feels slowed down a bit, but it picks itself back up. Now the closing minute... This closing minute actually was the deciding factor from me giving this film a higher grading. It kind of abandon's the clear motivation of the killer's desire to murder these people, I wouldn't say it totally wrecks the film, but it is baffling why they would add this part. This works as a nice dark drama and a cool slasher story as well. I thought the slasher scenes were pretty cool, yes a couple of them are bizarre, but they have a unique weird style to them, as I enjoyed the scenes. I'm glad the slasher side of the film actually had a moral purpose or it wasn't a homophobic hate crime, it was a well thought out idea and it worked. I can see why this film has been given a solid amount of praise and even understand the complaints, though it's not a great film, it's definitely a film that'll be remembered and be considered one of the best B graded movies of the year. Overall, Knife + Heart was a strong solid gem of a film. I recommend giving this a watch, you can rent it on ITunes or Amazon or watch on Shudder. Nice job Yann Gonzalez, real nice job with this weird unique cool creation.-Mitch Smietana

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