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Kim Possible Quick View A Film Made for Over Exaggerated Flips and Cart Wheels Grade: D-

Source: IMDB

Kim Possible is based off the cartoon show Kim Possible from the early 2000’s. Tells a story of Kim Possible (Sadie Stanley) starting her freshman year in high school. Her arch enemy Dr. Drakken (Todd Stashwick) has broken out of his prison cell, as he has a diabolical plan to take over the world. So growing up as a child, this show to me was fine, not a personal favorite of mine was more of a Cartoon Network kind of guy, but yeah when I did tuned into a few episodes they were nice. There’s a lot of “outrage” towards this TV movie... Which I don’t quite understand because what were people expecting?! A major Hollywood blockbuster?! This is a show off of Disney Channel, Disney Channel hasn’t been good in many years, quality is not their thing anymore especially towards Disney Channel Original movies. So calm down with this hate towards this movie, it’s not all that serious. Kim Possible was exactly what I was expecting: A bad movie, but at least entertaining. I’m going to state one positive off the bat: Rufus in this film is better than cartoon Rufus. I liked Rufus in this film, the CGI was kind of cute as well as this animal wasn’t annoying at all. The cartoon version of Rufus in my opinion is crap, that damn little hamster was freaking annoying and ugly, so I’m happy they at least upgraded towards that character. The special effects were laughably bad in this movie, I can’t tell if it’s a good thing because I laughed so hard from the opening jet backpack shot. I didn’t like the sets, whenever the film shows off a house or lair it looks completely cheap and fake. The casting choices were... Meh. The problem with adapting from the cartoon to live action is the characters in the cartoon looks older, than their actual age listed in the cartoon. Like Kim Possible looks like a grown woman in the cartoon, when you’re trying to find a high school girl that looks older than her actual age... It’s going to be tough. Sadie Stanley I thought wasn’t an awful casting choice as Kim Possible, but she doesn’t fit the character’s description of being a fierce bad ass with a strong personality. Her performance isn’t good, especially when the role requires her to cry or to be upset in scenes... Those were terrible scenes. Ron Stoppable looks completely out of tune with the cartoon version of Ron, played by Sean Giambrone, I thought he was below mediocre but he was the most annoying performance and character out of everyone. The casting choice that bothered me the most was Wade’s played by Issac Ryan Brown... I mean sheesh he’s way too young to play this role. In the cartoon Wade is much much older, in this film the kid is like freaking eight and I honestly laugh every time he’s on screen because he doesn’t fit with this character’s description at all. You honestly want me to believe this kid is a genius, that graduated from college at age ten, when most of his dialogue doesn’t sound like an intelligent human being?! Comon now. The main villains Dr. Drakken and Shego were honestly boring, in fact Shego was awful especially Taylor Ortega’s performance, the worst performance in the entire film, it didn’t look like she wanted to be there. The best performance by far was Patton Oswalt, he’s some cheap villain with a weird accent trying to conquer the world with slime and it’s hilarious. The choreography was bad, some action scenes were just poorly done, where it just has Kim doing flips and cart wheels... Nice. The story itself is bad, some sequences don’t make any damn sense. Like the first day of school Kim gets acquainted with a girl, now all of a sudden their arch enemies... Why couldn’t the girl just hate her in the beginning? What was the point in her giving her a hug? Again with the first day in school, they renumbered the school rooms for the first day as Kim is freaking out... This is your first year in high school, how would you know where your classroom numbers were in the first place? Kim tries out for soccer, she made the team but can’t play due to she’s a freshman so she has to be equipment manager and is now sad... You know if you don’t want to be equipment manager, you can just quit the team? The whole thing with Kim’s friend becoming popular doesn’t quite make sense, I feel they should’ve had Kim be popular in the beginning, then having her friend take her shine later on, that way it’d make more sense because I don’t get how her friend is popular, but Kim wasn’t as both girls did the same things. The comedy material wasn’t good at all, only thing this film made me laugh was unintentional laughs. This film feels like a guilty pleasure for me, not in a Detective Pikachu level of guilty pleasure, but in a Thriller level of guilty pleasure. The film is bad, but heck I was entertained and I did laugh a fair amount of the stupidity and the over the top cart wheels and flips it has, so lighten up internet, it doesn’t deserve the outrage or hate. Overall, Kim Possible is a bad film yet can be considered a guilty pleasure. I don’t recommend this film, if you’re a kid fine, if you’re an adult trying to create a fun drinking game then fine, other than that absolutely not. -Mitch Smietana

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