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Kidnapping Stella Quick View Kidnapping for Amateurs Grade: C

Source: IMDB

A weird coincidence with this straight to Netflix movie. Two days before release, my cousin's daughter was born and the name of their daughter is Stella... Well that's not a good sign, jokes aside congrats to them. Kidnapping Stella is basically the title itself, two bums from prison kidnap a wealthy man's daughter named Stella (Jella Haase), hoping to receive millions of dollars in cash for ransom. So before we start talking about the film, there is a technical problem made by Netflix. At first I was watching this film, where the characters talked in English. Quickly I've noticed the characters mouths were not portraying the words they were saying, as I found out this film was originally spoken in German language. Netflix: If a film is originally foreign, keep it foreign, I shouldn't have to go on a scavenger hunt to find the correct formatted language of the film. Anyways Kidnapping Stella was a passable watch, that kept me interested for a good 80+ minutes however it has problems. This film was shot well, despite this film was shot mainly in one location for a good 80% of the film, the shots were impressive. The cast consists of three cast members, two of which were pretty good, as one I didn't care much for. The lead Stella played by Jella Haase was the weakest performance, when she had to show fear in scenes, you can tell she struggled immensely in these scenes, especially in the scene where it involves her being recorded on camera, in order for her father to pay the ransom. Clemens Schick playing the role of Vic was the best performance, totally bought in his character as he was completely aggressive in his role of the kidnapping. Max Von Der Groeben playing the role of Tom was pretty good as well. All the characters had their purpose in the story, I feel more was given to Tom's character than the other two, especially Vic's character really was under developed. So there are times in this film, where bone headed decisions were made. Especially with one character early on, where it seems he's lackadaisical on how he's handling Stella regarding bathroom privileges or even one incident that makes no sense why he'd even attempt this, it's pretty dumb. Though the film keeps the audience engaged for the running time, I can't help to think that everything would be just fine, if the third act wasn't so stupid. Characters make choices that make no sense whatsoever, especially one character that truly stands out from the rest on being a stand alone best character... But then he does things in the end, that really had no purpose in being made. You got what you needed, why even go back to this scenery?! I felt a darker end would've made sense in this final act, but the film takes a turn into an ending that sure it's happy for some, but it's makes absolutely no sense on how we got there. While the film is engaging, I will say this could be a lesson to those whom may want to reconsider what they wish upon someone, whom has done them wrong in the past. Overall, Kidnapping Stella was just ok, I felt my time wasn't wasted at all, it's a passable watch. If you feel like killing some free time, sure go right ahead and watch if you want, otherwise it's completely fine to skip. -Mitch Smietana

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