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Just Mercy An Important Story That Should’ve Received a Great Film Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Just Mercy tells a story about a Harvard grad defense attorney Bryan Stevenson (Michael B Jordan) whom stations his law firm up in Alabama. He helps clients whom are wrongfully accused of crimes they did not commit, at no charge needed. Stevenson takes on Walter McMillian’s (Jamie Foxx) case, wrongfully accused of a murder he did not commit, as he has several witnesses and a reliable alibi as well. Can Stevenson bring McMillian home free?! The Cinematography was just ok, not many shots are worth praising for as they just look fine. The Score is also fine as well, not really memorable in any way. The cast in this film all in all were good. When I watched the trailer, it was a relief Michael B. Jordan took on a different kind of film for a change and not being in another blockbuster. Michael B. Jordan as Bryan Stevenson honestly was very underwhelming, I enjoyed the character it’s just I did not think Michael B Jordan did a good job. As a fearless lawyer, whom stands tall to adversity, Jordan really struggled as it’s another typical Michael B. Jordan performance. He doesn’t try to challenge himself to new heights at all with this, which if he does surely he can be nominated for awards, but he just does his usual acting style he’s done many times before. For me I wanted to see more from him in a performance that requires a strong performance, I mean we are talking about an inspirational figure like Bryan Stevenson, why not own it?! How about become the character instead of playing yourself for the 30th time?! Jamie Foxx playing Walter McMillian was pretty good, throughout the entire run time I felt complete sympathy for this character. Not because the film wants you to feel bad for him being wrongfully accuse, but because Jamie Foxx performance makes you feel sad inside. Watching him emotionally drained and empty really makes you feel completely terrible about the entire situation, Foxx compliments the character written on screen. There was one prison mate friend of Walter McMillian, whom had PTSD from the war that was pretty good, wish I could find the name of that character. Brie Larson was fine as Bryan’s co-attorney. I really enjoyed Tim Blake Nelson playing Ralph Myers, thought he did a superb job as I felt sorry for this character as well. I think due to the fact we’re looking at a historical figure like Bryan Stevenson and over coming the adversity of a hard case like McMillians, I would’ve liked this film to push for excellence rather just settling for less. As far as presentation, script, and even a couple performances mainly our lead... It just didn’t move me the way I wanted it to. There’s nothing wrong with being a good film, but for a story and for a historical figure like this one, I much rather be taken more seriously than just being perfectly fine with just being good. This film should’ve wowed me, however nothing about really does at all which is truly disappointing. In fact I think Harriet is much more inspiring than this film and that film took on an entertaining approach. I liked Just Mercy, I think it’s a good film that does tell an important story in a time period of wrongful corruption. Just hearing the events going on with these prison mates made me sick. Praise and blessings go for Stevenson for standing tall against all those cruel human beings and not giving up to fight justice for those whom are wrongfully accused. It’s a film that tells a story just fine, keeps the viewer invested start to finish, and in the end makes the viewer pleased. Though I have my criticism with the film, I still however thought it was still a nice watch. Overall, Just Mercy is a good film. I recommend this film, don’t expect anything higher than a B because the film doesn’t attempt in trying to excel on anything. -Mitch Smietana

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