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Julia; Grade: A-

Julia is a documentary centered on famous cook, author, and television persona Julia Child. Here in Julia, we will learn everything to know about Julia Child from her childhood, before cooking, what inspired her too cook, her love life, and briefly her involvement in certain important issues going on in the world.

After watching Julia, I must say choosing Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City over this documentary film on Thanksgiving Day… This was is one of the worst decisions I’ve made in a long time. Not only was this documentary film WAY better than that piece of a trash they dare call it a film, but this documentary was a lot better than I expected it to be.

Though I’m passionate about film, I also have an unexpected love towards the art of cooking. I really enjoy cooking a lot, in fact I almost went to school for it as I hoped to be a chef like my Uncle Eddie was bound to be before his accident happened… But then I realize that career path I wanted to pursue, is a whole lot different compared to cooking in the house. From experience: The kitchen area in a restaurant is way too noisy, you can also say I enjoy taking my time with cooking and like working one dish at a time and in a restaurant you gotta be a multitasker. But the one thing that wrecked it for me: The Smells. I’m extremely sensitive to smells in which I don’t like, hot dishes in which have a strong scent of cream… It would be torture for me honestly, so I’m glad I didn’t invest on a profession that more than likely I would’ve been miserable in because I would’ve lost money. I shall stick to enjoying cooking at home in peace. While watching Julia: This is a film I would strongly encourage cooking lovers, because this thing can really make your mouth water and also inspire you to get back to the kitchen immediately.

The presentation of this documentary really speaks volumes towards the art of cooking. The opening sequence alone really sets the tone perfectly, as we watch an in depth look at a roasted chicken being made… It looked so damn delicious, as you knew you were in for a treat. A lot of dishes made in this film whether it be by Julia or one that’s making the dish from the background, it all looks terrific and even foods I wouldn’t eat but just by presentation alone fantastic visuals.

The substance at hand regarding the life of Julia Child: Not only a great story to tell, but also a story in which you feel heavily inspired by. When you learn about Julia Child while watching this documentary, you learn she’s more than just a famous cook on television. Julia Child really broke wave to how we envision the typical American woman to be. American Women during this time were mostly stay at home mothers or stay at home wives, while the men work and take care of their women. Julia however felt her life was more than just the typical standard, that a woman can do a great deal and not rush to get married so she can get taken care of so easily. I feel Julia Child set the standard for a strong independent woman, sure she married later on but she was destined to make her way into becoming her own person and can take care of her own self as this would be part of the American dream, where women too can become of something.

Before cooking, Julia actually worked in military as some kind of typist… The fact she rather serve her country than to just let the men fight, bless her heart really. Julia for a long time didn’t know what she wanted to be, as when it came to living in France… Enduring the dishes she tasted, food gave her inspiration in which she never thought was possible. Cooking really gave Julia a passion, a passion in which brought her purpose as she then on went to work on that passion, as to hope to inspire not only women but to inspire all that they can enjoy the art of cooking too. So really when it comes to life in general: You got all the time in the world to become whatever you want to be, take your time and find something you truly are passionate about like Julia did.

Julia Child really broke an unhealthy wave of process and canned foods the American way was so used to, when it came to consuming food. Watching those products unfold to where the majority of everyday Americans used to eat… It made me sick to my damn stomach, I’m so blessed of my mother whom is passionate about home cooking as well as Julia, that processed/canned lifestyle is horrendous. Because of Julia’s show: It really inspired an entire nation that cooking is fun and that everyone can do it as well just by getting ingredients from your local marketplace. So in a way how we eat today, Julia Child deserves much credit as it brought a new wave of the household of everyday Americans.

The thing about Julia Child’s involvement in cooking is she really didn’t do for the money necessarily, but did it for the art form. I believe Julia Child could’ve profit a lot off from cooking especially by products, however Julia stood away from all the marketing as she didn’t want to benefit off any of it. It felt rather nice that it wasn’t all about the money, as it was more so on the art form itself, that Julia was heavily passionate about. Julia Child is the reason why Food Network is around: Without Julia’s strong detail to her cooking and her personality, we may have never experience cooking on a Television screen, the way it’s popularized today.

I felt within this film Julia Child’s life can be an inspiration to how we should live everyday. I feel most people tend to think in order to live a long enduring life, that we need to do a lot of set backs from intaking on food as we count calories and eat little to the point where we starve to death. Julia Child whom practically ate whatever she wanted to eat, lived on to 91 years old… What does that tell you?! As you watch Julia Child’s life, notice how joyful she is whether it be cooking, food, her marriage, roaming around France, eating, or just her life in general. From a young age she was taught not to partake in discussions that were political and such at the table, so I believe she kept that practice as she would soon realize there’s more to life than rambling on about those topics that don’t correlate to happiness. From watching Julia Child: The key to living a long enduring life is having a healthy mind, where it endures positivity and joyfulness. Julia was always cheerful about life and always had a reason to smile about something, when you maintain a lifestyle in which your consistently cheerful… You’re almost guaranteed to living a long life. Not a whole lot is discussed on the importance on a healthy mindset and with Julia Child’s life… It’s a great example that if you have an upbeat attitude and joyful mind, you can live a long life, your diet and the medicine that you take can sometimes be over thrown by a healthy mind. So remember: Just think positive and have a mind full of grace, as you can live a long life and eat whatever you want… Julia Child did, so can you.

Julia can also be an inspiration that those whom want to make a stand for something, but don’t have to do so in an immature way. Now a days when we look at people speaking on important matters: It’s often handled poorly, as there is a lot anger, screaming, whining, and crying involved. Julia would handle personal matters very respectfully, as she wouldn’t cry and complain about the matter, but would speak on it in a mature matter, just briefly speaking on her stance. She would leave room for differences as she always made room wanting to learn what goes on the other side, like she wanted people to treat her the same way. It’s something we can all practice as we hope for progression in our everyday problems… As the everyday screaming and insults are just going to make matters the same or worst.

Julia is a lovely presented documentary, in which the story told is thoroughly interesting, entertaining, and inspiring as well… A fantastic three course meal I would say.

Overall, Julia is a great documentary film. I highly recommend seeing this film, bring napkins because your mouth will be drooling. -Mitch Smietana

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