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Judy Renee Delivers! The Most Depressing Film of 2019 is Here! Grade: B+

Source: IMDB

Judy tells a story about famous actress/singer Judy Garland (Renee Zellweger). Judy's children have to live with their father, as Judy has no home appropriate for her children to stay in. In order for Judy to receive full custody for her children, she'll have to go to London and perform many shows to receive enough money to support herself and her children. Watch as an aging star fades right before our eyes, as we look back to her troubled childhood. I believe the Cinematography, Set Design, and Costume Design were my least favorite aspects of the entire film. It never looked nor feel like I was watching a film, that took place in 1969, which is unfortunate. Not saying all three elements described were bad in any sort of way, it's passable, it's just I wanted more out of those three elements that speaks to me that I'm watching in this particular time period. The Score was lovely, I also loved the musical numbers performed by Renee Zellweger, thought all those scenes were terrific. The cast in this film was pretty good. Renee Zellweger playing Judy Garland was great, the way she looked, sounded, and captures Judy's facial expressions perfectly. Judy was a difficult character to watch, not in a way you root for her as a protagonist, but I honestly felt depressed the entire time watching this character. It's one thing after another, she just couldn't catch a break, the character honestly broke my heart many times as I felt extremely sorry for her as an adult and even so as a kid. You just want this troubled soul to succeed and rewarded her kids back, but she's pulled back from douchebags, to alcohol, to drugs, to being affected by her past... It was honestly extremely sad and I wasn't expecting this level of sadness. Even when bright moments come for Judy, it's like a ticking bomb as you figure this good thing won't last long as it soon became that way.. Poor Judy. Darci Shaw playing young Judy Garland was pretty good too. I found Judy Garland's younger flashbacks equally as upsetting as older Judy, the way they treated young actresses back in those days is completely disgusting. Jessie Buckley was pretty good as an assistant to Judy, for her London shows. Back in 2015, Rupert Goold made a film called True Story, a film I was anticipating for the longest as when I finally watched it... It was extremely disappointing. I was looking forward to Judy for awhile, heard some nice things and finally made free time to see. I liked Judy a lot, definitely a different historical famous figure film than what we've been receiving in the past. I say this because majority of them typically play it safe, though all these famous stars have dealt with trouble, we honestly see happier moments and a happy ending. For Judy it's completely different, the troubled star though a couple of happy moments stays troubled. It's honestly one of the most depressing films I've seen this year, it really does not shy away from the sob tone of the storytelling. It truly felt like watching an aging star just fading away, no matter the opportunity nor success Judy had in London, you can see her just fading away before our eyes. Also she never really wanted to be there, but had to gain money so she can get custody for her kids, so she never once felt much happiness during her time there. You can just tell like any aging human being in their profession, that it was time to hang it up and call it quits. That's the unfortunate thing about being in show business: If you're not smart with your money, you're going to end up like Judy and feel trapped in the business, it's honestly depressing. The story was well told, solid dialogue as well. We also learned more about Judy Garland, than the pretty young pig tail icon from Wizard of Oz. We learned that she was understanding towards those whom are different than the rest. It was a touching moment when Judy goes out with this couple, as Judy sings to one of them as they cried in her arms. A troubled actress, whom honestly wanted nothing more to be adored and loved fully... It's tough. I enjoyed the final show scene with Judy and the audience, though a bittersweet moment, it still was a great tear jerking moment. This film is going to bother a lot of people and I don't blame them, I've received more out of this film than I was expecting. Overall, Judy was a pretty good film. I recommend this film, just be prepared to bring tissues because you're likely going to cry a lot. -Mitch Smietana

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