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John Wick 3 Parabellum John Wick is Still the MAN in this Action Packed Showdown Grade: B

Source: IMDB

John Wick 3 tells a story of a bounty of 14 million dollars set on John Wick (Keanu Reeves). How will John Wick survive, against some of the greatest assassins in the world?! I’ve enjoyed the first two John Wick films, sure they maybe somewhat goofy plot wise, but I manage to have a grand time due to the great amount of action displayed. The Cinematography was pretty damn good, the film looked beautiful with the sets taken place as the camera work for the action scenes were well done. You get a Blade Runner vibe when John Wick is in the city, followed by great shots in the desert, as well as the marble glass setting upstairs in the hotel. The Score was solid, I enjoyed the music taken place here, sounded good. The cast in this film was good. Keanu Reeves did a swell job as John Wick, he may have a stumble a few lines, but he did a nice job overall. Keanu works very hard as you can tell by the way he consistently delivers great action scenes, scene after scene after scene. He also did a good time embracing the film’s silliness, with funny one liners and reactions after a fight, give credit where it’s due Keanu Reeves is JOHN WICK! I really enjoyed Laurence Fishburne in all of his scenes, he was very entertaining indeed and I’m looking forward to his character in the next film. Halle Berry now a days are usually in films that are so bad, you question does she even care about her career?! We all know well enough Halle has talent, she’s an Oscar winner, I just question why she takes on such bad movies as she’s done of lately? In this film, we see how much of a bad ass Halle Berry is, as she did a very good job in her performance. She was properly trained before taking on this role, as I gotta tell ya I hope one day Halle Berry gets her own action film series, she was AWESOME! Mark Dacascos was pretty damn good in his performance, I had a lot of fun in all of his scenes. So while the 7’ 3” NBA basketball giant Boban Marjanovic was playing for the Clippers, he got a chance to be in a small role in John Wick 3, very cool! Boban acting wise is eh, but surprisingly did a fine job in the scene as far as action choreography goes, it was a dope opening action scene for Mr. Boban! I didn’t care for Asia Kate Dillion as the rule master, her performance was pretty flat and I didn’t care for the character, it made me miss I AM THE RULES character in Serenity. So I do have a couple flaws for this film. First being nobody reacts when somebody gets literally stabbed out in public, everyone just walks along like nothing happens. Like can we get at least a flinch or something, it’s common sense to have some reaction when someone out of the blue get stabbed out in public. One particular scene, someone in this assassin organization had to get punished due to helping John Wick in the past. I didn’t feel that was necessary, because the bounty wasn’t placed during the time this character helped Wick, so it felt... Harsh. The dance instructor receiving punishment was more fitting, because she helped John Wick during the bounty had been taken placed, so that worked well. John Wick 3 Parabellum is another solid addition to the John Wick series, this film was fun! I liked the simple story, it didn’t need to do much to make me satisfied. As long as it kept me interested in what was going on, as well as keep me fascinated within this world, I’m all set as this story did so for me. We all go to these John Wick films for one thing only: ACTION. The action in this film did not disappoint, there are so many great scenes of action. Whether it be involving in a library, the desert, the city streets, in a hotel, on motorcycles and even on horses... It truly brings out the gun power, you need in entertainment wise. The choreography in these action scenes are spectacular, it’s not all about the gun violence that makes it fun, it’s also duels using only your hands or even a knife. In a way in the finale, it paid homage towards old classic Kung fu movies. I don’t think this film is better than the previous two, John Wick still holds the best story line and I enjoyed John Wick 2’s storyline better than this. However, it’s still a great time at the theaters with a big bucket of popcorn in your hand. Overall, John Wick 3 is another solid fun action film. I recommend seeing this film, it’s worth seeing it at a theater, hope you all enjoy having a fun time! So Keanu Reeves claims in order for another film to be made, it would have to be up to the audience if they wish to make another... Uhhhhh YES WE WANT ANOTHER ONE! It sets up a nice revenge story, so I hope we get another one in the future. -Mitch Smietana

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