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Jexi The Most Fascinating Thing is The Question of Jexi’s Existence Grade: C-

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So there’s this random comedy film that was released last week called Jexi. I went in blind even though I saw a couple YouTube promo ads, which really didn’t give away anything. What surprises me the most about the existence of this film, is the fact it got a theatrical release. The poster just gave me straight to Netflix vibes for some reason, a grown man looking down on his phone, acting extremely excited and surprised... I mean this is a movie meant to be on the big screens?! 2019 folks, anything can happen. Jexi is about a grown man named Phil (Adam Devine) whom loves his smart phone. He loves his phone so much, he avoids socializing with human beings. One day Phil’s phone gets broken after a small collision with a biker. So Phil went into a store, that resembles an Apple Store and got a brand new phone. No longer does Phil have Siri to help him with his needs, he now has Jexi (Rose Byrne) an artificial intelligence that is highly advanced... So advanced that Jexi has a mind of her own. Jexi makes Phil do things he would not normally do like eat a Kale salad, play kickball with his co-workers, or even talk to a girl Phil is attracted to. The best part of Jexi is she swears non-stop.... Aha? The Cinematography wasn’t very good, the film looked pretty lifeless. Phil walks outside feeling good to get some fresh air and enjoys the view, but the shot presented just did not capture what Phil was admiring outside. In the final minutes we see a city view shot that is so painfully awful, you can just tell it was completely fake. The Score wasn’t very good either, although I’ll give some credit: Some soundtrack selections were nice. The cast of this film... Before I get to how I feel about them as a whole, I must ask: What inspired anyone to be apart of... Whatever Jexi is?! Was the pay good? Was the cast told Jexi was a passion project, that took years in development to make, so they were inspired to join this project? Did Jexi speak to their souls? I would LOVE to see interviews with the cast of Jexi, explaining what inspired them to be apart of this film. Anyways the cast was fine as a whole, I felt majority of them knew what they were getting into, so they played their part just fine enough where they are not making a complete fool out of themselves... Ok the only exception is Michael Pena. I like Adam Devine, I think he’s funny and has a way delivering his goofy personality on screen. As Phil he did a nice job with this role, he made me laugh and played the part well. Sure Adam Devine is not doing anything particularly bold or changing his acting performance up from his usual style, but for a film like Jexi... Honestly you have to take on a silly approach towards this film. I liked how Phil had a character arc as he also resembles somewhat of a metaphor towards today’s society’s obsession with their phones. Like most human beings today, they want to do nothing but be on their phones all day and not be involved with anything. Phil was not living life to the fullest, he was being completely lazy, unsociable, and just downright extremely obnoxious being on that damn phone all day long. But with the help of Jexi... Somewhat. He started to change as a person, becoming a little more sociable, taking risks with his life, and no longer having to be on that damn phone 24/7. I will say one thing that I did have a problem with the character Phil, is the fact he wants to pursue his dream of becoming a journalist... It really never goes anywhere. Even in the end it’s completely forgotten as I’m trying to figure out why was it brought up in the first place? Rose Byrne voicing Jexi was fine, the character itself had it’s comedic moments, then there were times where it got obnoxious after awhile. I mean a smart phone saying the same cuss words over and over again can get tiresome after while. Wanda Sykes playing the phone salesman had a small role, but had a couple nice comedic moments. Unexpectedly Kid Cudi made an appearance as Kid Cudi, as I will say I enjoyed his scene in this film... Very rad duuuuuuude! I wasn’t going to see Jexi, but after my buddy Mihran gave this a positive score and a critic I follow was talking about it, I thought... Well let me check it out. As earlier I was talking about how did Jexi get a theatrical release... Well after watching it, I still would like to ask: Out of all films made this year, how did this one get a theatrical release?! This should’ve been a straight to streaming film because that’s what Jexi was more suited for. It’s hard to even call Jexi a film because in reality speaking: This is not a real movie, this feels like a feature length SNL skit because that’s what Jexi is. This is a film about an unsocial dweeb obsessed with his phone, as the phone becomes the consumers master due to being able to have a mind of their own, where at one point Phil gives Jexi an orgasm by plugging and unplugging her with a phone charger... What did I just watch?! My first thought of Jexi can be described by one word: Confused. On one hand this movie is completely stupid for the wrong reasons, on another hand this movie is completely stupid for the right reasons.... I’m in between liking and hating this movie, where the grade above perfectly explains how I felt about this film. I guess we’ll start with the wrong things. The dialogue in this film besides the jokes was insanely bad. What drove me crazy is characters saying lines, of how they hope things will turn out for them... Then it happens, but what drives me nuts is the same lines are repeated right back, when the events turn out to be the way they hope for?! Did a five year old write this script? There are a couple moments, when serious dialogue comes to play and how it’s said had me not only laughing, but having my eyes completely wide, looking around the room thinking “Is this for real?!” It maybe the worst script of the entire year, you can just tell someone came up with the concept, wrote this script in about an hour, and just left it as it is. Whenever Phil receives a text message from Cate, we have to hear Cate’s voice in the background as she reads the text when the text is presented. First off: If the text is going to be shown on screen, why have a voice over?! What the audience is too stupid to read? Two: This voice over... I can’t explain how bad it sounds. Besides the good jokes, there are bad jokes in this film as well. Especially when their displaying jokes about dick pics, dicks, over using cuss words because you hear Siri’s voice using them... Eh. Here’s the right things about this film. I felt the film knew it was aware of how stupid it is. Just how scenes are played off are ridiculously stupid, but it’s displayed in a way that makes me laugh uncontrollably by how stupid this is. Like seriously I laughed my ass off a few times... They were genuine laughs too. It’s over the top stupid humor that you can’t help but laugh with the film, I applaud the film for making me laugh when they wanted me to laugh. Even though this film is a complete joke: It kind of has something to say?! When I look at Phil, I feel I can relate to many people I know that are this way. My dad is extremely BRUTAL and I mean BRUTAL with his phone... Sometimes I want to rip my hair out, it’s that bad. It kind of shows that life was not meant to be lived, by living off your phone. Life was meant to have an experience, to meet new people, try new things, and enjoy it all to the fullest without having to stare at a small screen for hours. Listen: Jexi is not a deep thought revoking film, if you want that watch the cinematic masterpiece known as Her. But I have to give credit: Even though this feature length SNL skit is a complete joke for the wrong and right reasons, it kind of has something to say.... Out of all things a film has something to say, it’s this thing called Jexi...2019 ladies and gentlemen. Overall, Jexi is a completely stupid film, that surprisingly does enough to give an acceptable grade for it’s lack of caliber in film making and story telling. I say watch this film when it comes out for rental, everyone should experience the confusion of the existence of Jexi once in their life before they die. -Mitch Smietana

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