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Jesus is King All in All Movie and Album.... Meh Grade: C-

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So I rushed out of First Love, ran a couple miles and tried to watch Parasite. I say tried because I wasn’t able to get a ticket... Tragic. So instead I purchased a ticket to the new Kanye commercial advertisement/clothing line runway Jesus is King. In this short film only featured on IMAX, is inspired by Kanye’s new gospel album Jesus is King. For those that don’t know: I’m a Kanye fan, not a Kanye fan boy that think every single thing he does is genius, but the guy makes dope music and is entertaining every now and then. Kanye West is the type of artist that can make a below mediocre concert, into a great concert just by having him perform, forgetting the opening acts ever happened... That’s what happened to me when I attended the Yeezus tour, it was insane. I was actually looking forward to whatever Jesus is King IMAX short film was about, Kanye is perhaps a creative genius, so I was hoping for something extraordinary with this. Turns out... I felt robbed out of $10. Now keep in mind, I do have a couple positives to give Jesus is King. Visually this film is stunning, the picture looks great which is no surprise at all. The costume design was fine, Kanye still loves those brown bath robes I reckon. Of course the music has to be talked about, since this is inspired by an album as I did enjoyed the music in this. A few gospel numbers performed by a gospel choir, while also mixing in a couple past Kanye songs which were featured from 808s & Heartbreaks, and just a couple new tracks from the album itself. Perhaps my favorite tune from the film is easily the new rendition of Street Lights... That song always gets me emotional for some reason. The new Kanye songs that were featured were fine. The first one being named Selah felt misplaced in this film, just didn’t work with the visual it was presenting. The last new track being Jesus is Lord, which was placed in the end credits is a lovely tune, prob one of my top fav tracks from the album despite being only fifty seconds long. That’s just about it for compliments, I found this to be rather disappointing. This film felt it had a style over substance problem... It barely has any substance to offer whatsoever. You sometimes hear a gospel song and have a man waving his hands up and down, you sometimes are shown a gospel choir singing, you sometimes see models walking in the room with Kanye’s robes, you sometimes see Kanye sweeping the floor... It’s not doing much of anything. What Kanye is doing with Jesus is King has been done before from a few artists in the past, the problem is Kanye isn’t saying anything nor offering any sort of entertainment in which he is presenting. Earlier this year Thom Yorke dropped a visual short film for his album Amina and it went straight to Netflix. What’s the difference between Amina and Jesus is King?! Amina actually has substance, it’s telling one big story featuring three songs from the album. It has beautiful visuals, great music, fantastic choreography, if anything Amina should’ve been charged $10 to watch instead of Jesus is King because it’s actually presenting art while the other feels like an advertisement. Say what you want about Drake’s Jungle short film, but at least it has something to offer as far as substance goes. The rapper lifestyle feels like a jungle to Drake as he just wants to go back home to Toronto with his Woes, it maybe presented in the most cheesiest way possible, but heck at least it’s saying and doing something unlike Jesus is King. Recently I just watched a gospel documentary film Amazing Grace, though it’s a straight up concert film, it still offers more than Jesus is King. Kanye’s new album Jesus is King is just ok as well, really enjoyed a couple tracks but all in all he needs more practice with this genre in order to create something worth praising for. As far as this short film goes: It’s just flat out underwhelming in my opinion. Overall, Jesus is King is below mediocrity. For those whom haven’t seen this commercial, make sure you wait till it’s available for free because your $10, needs to be saved until a worthy purchase comes along in your life. -Mitch Smietana

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