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Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back Retro Talk Grade: B

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Source: IMDB

Welcome to the third edition of Retro Talk! Been almost a year since our last one. Today we’ll be talking about Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. This film was released back in 2001, based off the supporting characters from Kevin Smith’s Clerks Jay and Silent Bob. From what I’ve seen from Kevin Smith: Clerks by far is his best work, although Clerks 2 was a strong sequel as well. Kevin Smith in my opinion is a highly likable guy, reminds me of a couple of my friends, I also respect the guy as well. Of course not everything he makes is perfect... *Cough Cough* Tusk SUCKS *Cough Cough*. But he makes what he wants to make, as you can tell the cast and crew for the most part have a ball working with the guy. I can understand why Kevin Smith wanted to make a spinoff, based off the drug dealing stoners, which one is a goofy vulgar loud mouth, as the other never talks... It feels like watching an adult version of Wallace and Gromit. But what makes Jay and Silent Bob worth exploring their own story, is the fact these characters are extremely funny and entertaining to watch, so it makes sense why Kevin Smith made a movie around them. Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back is about Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith), whom recently got a restraining order at the local shop they’ve been hanging around since they were babies. Jay and Silent Bob over heard that Miramax is starting the production of a new comic book film called Bluntman and Chronic. What makes Jay and Silent Bob interested is not only that the comic book characters look exactly like them and the characters real identity is named after them, but the internet is talking trash about the characters from the comic, as Jay takes offense due to the fact their names are Jay and Silent Bob. So Jay and Silent Bob have three days to travel to Hollywood and stop production on Bluntman and Chronic. The critics were pretty much divided into a 50/50 split, audience seem to really like it, and it made a profit of 11 million... Not bad. Jay and Silent Bob Reboot for the October 17th showing was playing the original film before the new one, so I finally got to watch it for the first time ever. I felt in comparison to Clerks and Mallrats, this doesn’t come close. I found Clerks, Clerks 2, and Mallrats significantly better than this film. Better comedy material, better story, and even better film making too. My main issue with Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back I feel everyone can understand my complaint: Pacing and Length. This film feels stretch out to the max, where it feels like I’m watching a two hour and ten minute film. I looked at my time thinking this is almost over and we still had a good half and hour left, the pacing really drags for me here. Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back for what it is... I can’t help to think this was an enjoyable fun time at the movies, it’s certainly a cool comedy that can be quotable for everyday life and certainly can be enjoyed with a group of pals. Kevin Smith went out of his comfort zone creating a world, where Jay and Silent Bob is our main focus point. Instead of just having the film only take place in one setting, Kevin Smith decides to make a buddy road trip and it worked out well. Jason Mewes is the highlight of this film by far, he’s hilarious as Jay. Does have a few memorable comedic scenes, where you just laugh your ass off by the absurdly of this character, and the low IQ of this character. If you didn’t laugh during Jay’s scene outside the diamond parking lot, talking in front of a video camera... Maybe your sense of humor just sucks, that’s easily the funniest scene in the entire film and is an iconic scene hands down. Silent Bob is a cool character as well, like I said earlier he resembles Gromit. He doesn’t say much, but the facial expressions does the talking for him. One can argue the best scene from Silent Bob would be him talking for the first time in the film, screaming at Jay. But I for one loved his connection with the monkey that him and Jay stole, so Jay can impress Justice (Shannon Elizabeth), an attractive girl he wants to bang. I found the interaction with Silent Bob and the monkey to be adorable, I loved the screen time him and the monkey had together... I’m surprised Kevin Smith didn’t make a spinoff featuring the monkey. I found the Charlie’s Angels spoof diamond thief characters to be cool as well. My only complaint would be the fart joke during the heist, I get why people would find it funny and have no shame on them for liking it, for me I just didn’t laugh. But surprising enough not only Jay and Silent Bob were loved in this film, we also love the many cameos this film had to offer. I for one not a huge fan when it comes to cameo’s, they are hit or miss for me... But Kevin Smith was firing all cylinders with his cameos, I actually like them all?! Will Ferrell playing the wildlife marshal is kind of funny, I like this silly character for some odd reason. I also like the cartoonist charm Kevin Smith did with this character, when it comes to falling off from a sewer line down to a water fall... But somehow survives and shows up to the office wet, it’s just charming to me. Ben Affleck played two characters one being himself, the other being the original creator of Bluntman and Chronic and he was funny too, that Good Will Hunting Two scene had me dying, which featured Matt Damon as well. Chris Rock’s cameo playing the director of Bluntman and Chronic was iconic, extremely funny and dope scene. One can tell the flaw with the story behind Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back. It features many references to other films and Kevin Smith references, including characters looking at the audience, questioning whom would want to see a Jay and Silent Bob movie. I can see why some may get irritated by it: You want a movie to keep moving forward and not be held up by a random reference, I get it. For me maybe a rare couple times it didn’t make me laugh, but I found them to be enjoyable. I get the humor behind them and it worked for me. As for the story as a whole despite pacing issues, I enjoyed it. It’s a fun adventure film, of two buddies trying to stop a movie from happening, I felt relaxed, excited, and had a ball with it. The comedy material is blended nicely as well. Maybe everyone in this film except some of the Charlie’s Angels spoof characters, delivered a laugh or two. Kevin Smith did a solid job with the humor behind this film, can be given credit due to the fact it’s based off the supporting characters from Clerks... But I’ve seen spinoff’s that have resulted poorly compared to this, so Kevin Smith deserves credit for making a good quality film. The question that needs to be asked: Can one like Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back, without having any knowledge of Clerks or any past Kevin Smith film?! I’m going to say... Maybe. I think this film works fine as it’s own, but if you want to understand the content especially the references, so you can get some of the jokes, perhaps you should check out Clerks and Mallrats before seeing this film. Overall, Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back is a good comedy, though quality level it’s not up to par with Clerks or Mallrats, it still delivers an enjoyable experience. I recommend this film and Clerks/Mallrats too, have a good comedy marathon why don’t cha. A spinoff that released eighteen years and is still loved to this day... I say you’ve achieved a nice achievement Mr. Smith! -Mitch Smietana

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