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Jay and Silent Bob Reboot The Beloved Drug Dealing Stoners Are Back! Grade: C+

Source: IMDB

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is the continuation of your favorite drug dealing pot smokers... JAY (Jason Mewes) AND SILENT BOB (Kevin Smith)! After being tricked into signing a contract, which forbids Jay and Silent Bob to be called Jay and Silent Bob, Bluntman and Chronic is going to be rebooted! At Chronic Con the director of the reboot Kevin Smith is shooting one final scene, so Jay and Silent Bob will once again travel to Chronic Con to sabotage the reboot. The Cinematography in this film is fine, I prefer the original because it has that early 2000’s charm to it. The Score was cool, I enjoyed the soundtrack selections and composed music when presented. The cast of this film was cool, I felt the cast from the original is better in my opinion. I also think the cameos are better in the original than this film, probably because in the original they all felt natural and the timing in each cameo was perfect. In this film a few cameos I liked and were surprised by, but can’t help the fact some of these feel forced in, as it comes off unfunny, obnoxious, and even unnecessary at times. This maybe an unpopular opinion... But I HATED the two main cast from Jay and Silent Bob’s favorite movie How High, thought it was completely stupid. Jason Mewes revives his role as Jay as once again he delivers. This time around though Jay is still the loud mouth vulgar stoner we all love, he also has an emotional side to him this time around. Jay discovers a secret as he is stunned, the beginning to end of developing courage to come to full terms with his secret is rather touching, I’d say they did a nice change with this character this time around. Kevin Smith reviving his role as Silent Bob yet again was pretty rad. One significant cameo I will talk about and it’s by far the best one hands down in the entire film... Fred Armisen playing the Uber Driver, this guy was AWESOME. I won’t say much other than these two words: Hater Tots! Couple flaws to discuss with this film. This film was very reference heavy, like every single second you’re hit with a reference, more towards Kevin Smith super fans, which I only know one. I have no problem with comedic references, I laughed pretty hard when characters were talking trash about Tusk... Nice. But the problem is the references can get a bit too much, like it does slow down the films momentum a few points while watching. It’s amazing how I found the original to have pacing issues, as this time around it improves pacing, but however I felt the story was a bit rushed. From a blink of an eye we’re literally at the third act, this film moves pretty quickly this time around. Also I felt the need to say: This is complete Kevin Smith fan service, where if those don’t know any of his work, they’re going to have a tough time enjoying this film, due to the fact they won’t get the humor. A couple years ago Kevin Smith had a heart attack, he went on to recover from that incident. But having that near death experience lead him to make a sequel to Jay and Silent Bob, so I give props to Kevin Smith living life to the fullest after a tragic event happened in his life, way to bounce back Mr. Smith. This film kind of reminds me of this years Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell in a way, a sequel that unexpectedly exists, while also being an enjoyably average flick. I felt the difference between these two films is you understand why Jay and Silent Bob Reboot needed to exist, while the other you can’t really explain it’s existence. Once again Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is a nice adventure to watch. I had a ball watching Jay and Silent Bob go on a journey to sabotage a film set again, I enjoy the new characters that came along with Jay and Silent Bob. Though no scene can out top Jay’s iconic scene in the original, as far as comedic value... I still believed the comedy material works well yet again. There’s some nice funny moments in this film from our main characters and a couple supporting characters too. The story itself flows nicely, despite the reference heavy it still moves just fine. I will say what made this film earn the plus sign at the end of my grade, was the finale in this film... It’s surprisingly epic. This is a nice film for the fans of Jay and Silent Bob, Kevin Smith, and even a rare few movie goers. Overall, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot was an enjoyably fine film. I can only recommend this film to those whom have seen Kevin Smith’s previous work, you must have some experience with his previous films, in order to get the full experience. Nice job Kevin Smith, I’m super HYPED for Clerks 3, already bought advanced tickets... LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO! -Mitch Smietana

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