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Jackass Forever; Grade: D+

When I was a young kid growing up in Las Vegas, me and my friends in my neighborhood Daniel, Victor, and Cameron would make something similar to Jackass. Each kid would participate in some kind of stunt ordeal. I recall myself being on some kind of skateboard, as a cardboard box would cover myself entirely, as while I go down my friends driveway… My friends would hit myself in the box with plastic maybe real bats. I believe kids growing up in the early 2000’s more than likely had a similar experience of that kind, Jackass probably influence kids to attempt stunts. I will say I did have a blast being apart of that experience, honestly that neighborhood in general was the highlight of my youth. Whether it be playing sports out in the street, playing GameCube, every now and then having fun filled sleepovers, riding our bikes around, and of course getting into some other adventures as well… I do every now and then miss those times not only missing those fond memories, but missing a time in which human beings and society felt real. So at least Jackass brought back some good times in my mind, sometimes you need a smile every now and then.

Recently before watching Jackass Forever: I watched the first two films to get myself acquainted with this kind of material. Jackass can be described as a form of media in which is played at Duffs… For those of you who don’t know what Duffs is, Duffs is a restaurant in Buffalo, Ny. Duffs is home to some of the best chicken wings and best Beef on Weck sandwich you’ll ever have in your entire life, if there is a food bucket list to ever be made and you’re trying to pick out places on your list… Duffs is a MUST on that list. I highly recommend Duffs, I highly recommend going for the Beef on Weck and Wing combo, throw in a side of fries as well… It’s to die for. So the reason Duffs is mentioned is because on a couple of their TV screens, they play something similar to Jackass where individuals are involved in hard falls or getting themselves hurt in some way. I guess this form of media is suppose to be some kind of amusement to guests more preferably kids, but for a sports bar and grill I’ve been always confused why this is played?!

Before I give my actual opinion of Jackass as a whole, I want everyone to know I’m not here to disrespect anyone involved in Jackass. I mean in a sense, you gotta have balls to even attempt let alone think about the shit these guys come up with… Majority of the activities and stunts these guys attempt, I would never do it and my God if I ever thought of doing any of it just put me in an insane asylum. So in that sense everyone involved… No disrespect towards any of you.

Alright Jackass: All of the time you have in this life, can be spending it on anything in life… Watching any of these films perhaps is the biggest waste of time ever imagine. Jackass is not cinema to begin with, Jackass makes me question Martin Scorsese. Though I agree with Scorsese on his standpoint claiming Marvel is not cinema as it feels like amusement park rides… But why isn’t Scorsese discussing how Jackass is not cinema as well?! At least Marvel can be consume like cinema, Jackass however can’t possibly be consume as cinema at all…. It’s just one big waste of time and nothing more.

Now fear not: I feel Jackass would not be a big waste of time, if it’s constructed in a sense in which can feel much worthy of being watched. I feel when Jackass actually attempts real stunts in which is trying to fulfill a certain goal at hand… That’s where I feel the concept is purposeful. Because at least there is a goal to be met, despite how dangerous that goal is to achieved, at least there is a purpose in myself watching as experiencing a group of individuals wanting to complete a stunt. That’s what I want to watch more of, some of the stunt sequences are daring yet intriguing to watch.

What I hate about Jackass: When it doesn’t attempt a stunt, as it’s just watching complete idiots doing something extremely gross. I get that it’s a form of amusement for some people in which lack any brain cells… However what is the point in doing any of these gross sequences?! What is the goal to be achieved? What’s the purpose in doing any of it?! That’s the thing: It’s pure meaningless, it just makes you feel completely embarrassed for humanity. At least I can respect a stuntman because achieving stunts takes guts and skill, but having a swarm of bees on your penis…

The thing with Jackass for me is that the gag can be amusing whether it be stunts or gross sequences, however to last as long as a full run time film… I don’t see how it’s possible to keep that amusement going on a consistent rate. Because the gag will eventually get old due to the repetitiveness of it all, sure the stunts and scenarios change but it’s the exact same feel going forward as any kind of laughter or excitement is gone within 30 minutes of watching. Without a story to follow… Something like this can’t possibly work for someone like myself.

Jackass Forever at least delivers a few moments for me. I thought the whole opening was entertaining. I like the human skateboard ramp stunt as that was easily the best stunt in this entire film, in terms of actually attempting a real stunt with an actual purpose and a goal to be met. Some of the gags were enjoyable, the funniest one for me is when Johnny Knoxville tricking his pals, locking them in a room with the lights off, as Johnny messes around with them… That one was funny.

Jackass Forever did not have a consistent balance of genuine stunts and gross out sequences, as it was more gross out sequences over stunts. Majority of the gross out sequences were either lame or too stupid for me to enjoy, as I just sat there in my seat thinking to myself… I could be anywhere doing anything, yet here I am watching idiots consuming pig cum for whatever reason. The gags got old very quickly as I just wanted it to be over, so I can go on with my life.

I really don’t understand the appeal of these entires of media, then again human beings make no damn sense I mean look at our current presidential administration… Everyday you just can’t comprehend on a new level of stupidity. I will give Jackass some reasonable credit: All of our fears in life are tiny, compared to what these guys do. So if you need some motivation to conquer your fears: Remember that they are nowhere comparable than what these guys do in this film, so might as well face your fear and get it over with… Maybe that was the purpose of Jackass after all.

Overall, Jackass Forever was crap. I don’t recommend this form of media, if you like Jackass then sure go right ahead you’ll probably like this. -Mitch Smietana

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