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IT Chapter 2 A Great Cast Gone Down the Drain... At Least It is Over... For now Grade: D+

Source: IMDB

It’s finally here, the most anticipated horror film everyone has been waiting for... IT CHAPTER 2!!! It Chapter 2 is a continuation of It, only this time around the losers club is all grown up and have their own separate lives. Pennywise the Clown (Bill Skarsgard) comes back and terrorizes the town of Derry once again. The only member of the losers club that still lives in Derry is Mike (Isaiah Mustafa), when he noticed Pennywise has returned, he immediately calls all the other members to return to Derry and defeat Pennywise... Again. My anticipation for It Chapter 2 was reasonably low, considering the fact the second half of the original It was the weakest side of the story, so I didn’t expect much. The Cinematography looked really nice once again, some really lovely shots in this film. I think the scene that takes place in the fair, with the hall of mirrors was my favorite shot, a really cool shot and lovely color pallet indeed. The Score was ok, I found the composed music not having much of an impact on the film. Well we have to talk about the special effects because there was a TON of them... I found majority of the creature designs in this film to be completely obnoxious. It repeated my same problems with the first film: These creatures are not scary at all as they belong in a kids horror film. In the teaser trailer, Beverly meets a creepy old lady at her old house in Derry. All this hype surrounding this trailer, as we were all curious what could possibly be the pay off in the end of this scene?! The pay off is so lame as I felt bamboozled. Remember in the original It, where we complained about the giant spider?! Well for some reason... They thought an upgrade would be Pennywise transforming into a spider... It manages to look even worst than the original. Having these unrealistic creature special effects is not scary at all, only a child could be scared of this. If you’re over 11 years old, there is no way in hell you can be scared of any creature this film offers you. Speaking of bad special effects: How about the de-aging effect done on the kids?! I mean it looks way too noticeable and fake. There was times where the kids were talking, as the words weren’t flowing right with their mouths, their faces looked unnatural to me. The strongest aspect of the film: The Cast. I gotta hand it to the casting director, all the hype surrounding the cast delivered BIG TIME. Without the cast... I don’t know how this film can be watchable, I truly mean that all in all everyone did a great job. Bill Hader did a great job as the adult version of Richie, I mean both Bill and Finn looked identical and acted the same, to the point that I’m convinced their father and son. James Ransone playing the adult version of Eddie was great as well, truly captures his younger version of himself perfectly. Jessica Chastain playing the adult version of Beverly did a pretty good job. I also thought the adult version of Mike played by Isaiah Mustafa was pretty good too. Now Bill Skarsgard playing Pennywise the Clown was pretty good yet again, I however had a problem with how they displayed this character this time around. You see in It Chapter One Pennywise was way more effective because he was hidden in the shadows or was presented in dark areas. This film has him out in the open in broad day light a few times, as he looks kind of ridiculous and loses that impact in creating fear. Of course earlier I said him being combined as a spider was the most ridiculous thing ever. All you have to do with this character is make him a creepy disturbing clown, not make him a silly cartoon character in which this happens this time around. I felt James McAvoy did a good job as the adult version of Bill, my only complaint is his stutter didn’t flow correctly. There are times where James struggles with stuttering, in the third act he sounded like Scooby Doo at one point. I’m going to get into my compliments about the film first. There are a few disturbing moments in this film I actually enjoyed. Like the opening scene is completely brutal and unsettling, that it really rattles the audience. I found that scene to be the most effective scare in the entire film. It was a great start to set a dark tone to open your film with, I know a couple people didn’t enjoy it but that’s how you create great horror. I felt there were a couple additional good horror moments. Like the adult version of Bowers going completely insane and having an altercation with Eddie, that was good. I wanted Pennywise to be outside his window waving back at Bowers, instead of just having a balloon, would’ve been pretty cool. Oh I LOVED Stephen King’s cameo and also Stephen King making fun of himself in a couple moments, I found that dope. So I didn’t like It Chapter 2, I do have a good amount of complaints. The horror element in this film besides the few that I mentioned... Yet again it feels like a kids horror film. See if you put majority of the horror elements this film has into a kids horror movie, then I don’t have much to complain about because I can understand who it’s target audience is for. But when you put it in a adult horror film... It comes out completely stupid and not scary to the slightest. The thing that bothers me about the horror element the most, it becomes completely obnoxious and repetitive to the point where I got annoyed. The Losers Club has to go through their last moment with Pennywise and retrieve an item from their past, so they can use it for a sacrifice ritual. The sequence consists of a character having a flashback when they were young, a jump scare, present day, another jump scare with a silly creature design.... This sequence is replayed six times, totaling twelve jump scares... Do you know how old this can get?! There was not one effective time, where I can say the jump scare and the creature presented where it can be described as scary, it gave me a headache. Do you know how lame it is, to watch a kid run away from a moving statue?! This is labeled as an adult horror film, why is this in here?! Remember when Jessica Chastian claimed there was going to be a scene, containing more blood than the last film?! Now in my opinion: Blood is not scary, in order for blood to be displayed as an effective scare, you must create an effective disturbing scene. This “We got so much blood this time around.... SPOOKY” scene comes off completely obnoxious. How is one suppose to be scared of that?! I thought this film is made for adults, not children. When I looked at the run time and saw this film was almost three hours long... I let out a long yawn as the idea of watching a mediocre horror film for three hours, sounds exhausting to me. When the film ran long enough for me, I checked the time and I saw we had an hour left to go. The pacing did not run smooth at all and it shows, this film is WAY TOO LONG! You could’ve cut out a good forty minutes of this movie, this should never have been that length. I mean we had three different endings... FOR CRYING OUT LOUD IT’S A MOVIE ABOUT A CLOWN, WE DON’T NEED THESE THREE ENDINGS, END IT ALREADY. I understand the plot and story of this film, but can’t help to think I’m rewatching the same movie all over again. The kids are now adults, trying to kill Pennywise... Didn’t we just do this like the last film?! What makes this time around any different from the last?! He’s likely going to come back another twenty seven years later, because you didn’t do nothing different than the last time other than burning junk. Like the original this second half didn’t really serve much of a purpose. We got the lesson first time around, having it repeated, making it all over again, only making room for more kids horror elements is just exhausting to watch. No shame if people dig It, but for me I wanted something different and horror elements that provided well crafted scares. Overall, It Chapter 2 is a loud obnoxious piece of crap. I don’t recommend this film, if you’re going to watch it stay at home and watch it because this is not worth a visit to the theater I can promise you that. -Mitch Smietana

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