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Irresistible; Like Politics... Boring. Grade: D+

Irresistible tells a story of a Democrat strategist Gary Zimmer (Steve Carrell) sorrowing over the lost of the 2016 election. One day a local farmer and war vet in a small town in Wisconsin Jack (Chris Cooper) spoke up in a town meeting hall, as his video went viral. Gary was impressed in the video, as he felt he can use Jack to the democratic party’s own advantage, as they trying to make the state in general more democratic for the next election. So Gary helps Jack run for Mayor in this small town in Wisconsin, running against one whom has held the throne for a long time. Witness a witty comedy film poking fun at both Democrat and Republican strategists... Sort of?

The Cinematography was honestly flat, this is a visually standard looking film, as I can’t recollect a single memorable shot in this entire film. The Score featured a small collection of old school hits and a flat composed Score, so I would say mediocre at best regarding the music in this film. The cast as a whole... Fine, nothing special. Steve Carrell playing Gary Zimmer was ok at best, when it came to delivering a performance he was fine, but as far as delivering laughs... Not so much. The character Gary Zimmer is an extremely dull character, which is unfortunate since he’s the center of attention in this film. He’s honestly nothing more than what his character is described as... A Politician Strategist, how exciting?! Not really. Chris Cooper playing the character Jack was honestly fine. I guess Jack’s journey in running for mayor is somewhat the only thing interesting about this film, how one whom has no experience in politics can somehow be involved in politics. It could’ve been real interesting, as we can see behind the scenes how the democrats groom this figure for the big time. But unfortunately this film doesn’t care to be interesting to the slightest, so let’s skim through everything super fast because who cares?! Surely this was Jon Stewart’s passion project, the way he develops his characters. Rose Byrne playing a Republican strategist was ok, she has a little more personality than Gary, but still doesn’t provide much to the table.

As you know: I hate Politics. I believe Politics is another word for “Endless Misery”, since I can’t seem to find one single person that is actually happy, while discussing Politics. What makes film oh so special is you can take any topic and make it widely entertaining or engaging. With Irresistible... That’s not the case at all.

The best thing going for this film is certainly the plot twist. The plot twist t’was actually a clever trick that I was never expecting at all. But everything leading up to this plot twist... It’s honestly incredibly dreadful to watch. It’s basically a featured long modern day political film, only it has nothing to say, other than “Look how boring politics are everyone!” When I think of a campaign room filled with those trying to strategize a political figure, I think just how intense and engaging that area could be. In this film... It’s honestly the least interesting thing about this story. All it shows is big computers in a back room, while they discuss the least important things, in helping this guy win an election... Wow that was entertaining?! The comedy material in this film sucks, there is a couple of chuckles and a couple finger pointers, but sheesh this is one unfunny comedy. The film doesn’t take advantage in poking fun at these strategists, the political parties, or the news anchors. They poke fun at the democrats for only caring about the minority vote just for votes, while poking fun at the republicans for their over the top endorsement ads. That’s about it, other than that it’s like watching pain dry with these characters. The film shows CNN and Fox News, as you can display some funny jokes just how incompetent they are. Have you seen CNN lately?! It’s a mess over there, surely you can create some funny jokes. But this film unfortunately doesn’t care about keeping the audience awake, they just show the news anchors just to show them... Great job movie.

I honestly don’t think this film is bad or anything, at best has a mediocre story. But if you’re not into politics at all... You’re going to find this film dreadfully boring because it exactly is that. The film doesn’t want you to be interested, doesn’t want you to have a laugh, doesn’t want you invested in the characters... It just goes by the numbers just like politics, it’s just complete rubbish.

Overall, Irresistible is crap. I don’t recommend this film at all, I know the plot twist was actually good, but was not worth waiting for the other ninety minutes of complete boredom. Speaking of craving for fish earlier... I had Haddock today, the best fish you can possibly consume, t’was good. -Mitch Smietana

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