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Infinite Storm; Grade: C-

Infinite Storm is based on a true story, that is centered around a climber named Pam (Naomi Watts). Pam is going on a winter days climb in the mountains, as this day marks the anniversary of the tragedy of her children passing, so her going out and climbing helps her cope with the pain of her loss. Unfortunately Pam gets caught in a hectic blizzard, which for a brief moment had her trapped into a hole. Once she got herself out of that hole: Pam encounters a stranger, whom is dressed inappropriately for weather like this as it appears as if he’s trying to commit suicide of some sort. Pam offers to help this stranger, as she hopes guide themselves to safety out of this storm.

Not too long ago the studio behind this film, also distributed a film similar to this narrative called Arctic which I enjoyed much so. Was Bleecker Street able to capture the same kind of well critiqued magic with this film?! Unfortunately: No.

Couple strengths this film has to offer. I felt the cast all around was solid as a whole, as there really isn’t a single bad performance in this film. Naomi Watts gets the job done as this emotionally vulnerable being, as she definitely excels in the crucial moments this film has to offer. After experiencing the truth surrounding what exactly happens to Pam’s children: I completely understand why exactly is Pam so relentless and unwillingly to give up, in terms of saving this strangers life. It’s like she owe it to herself to help save someone else’s life, knowing well there is a slight possibility she could’ve saved her children knowing well it was an accident and could happen to anybody. I also liked some of the nature shots, very beautiful looking snowy mountains, landscapes, and such.

Infinite Storm has ever right to tell it’s story, as the story itself on paper is without a doubt extremely brave, heroic, and even so inspiring. However: I don’t believe Infinite Storm necessarily works a feature length film consisting of ninety plus minutes, as I felt it could’ve been better off as a fifty minute special on National Geographic. The film lacks a great amount of energy to it, though on paper the story is quite incredible… However in this case it is dreadfully boring to watch, as I found this to be quite dull. Usually I love these kind of films: But the story itself is pretty one note, as it doesn’t elevate itself to any new heights, where it actually tries to make it engaging for the audience.

The sentimental portion of this story was quite sloppy if we’re being honest as well. There are brief flashbacks of Pam with her kids, however we don’t necessarily feel the connection as the film doesn’t really make us feel the bondage this woman had with her kids much at all. Even the whole finale at the end… It’s a very odd sequence, as it’s suppose to be this uplifting moment, however it felt completely awkward.

Overall, Infinite Storm was mediocre, not a bad film at all but most certainly BORING. I would skip this film, I feel there are much better options to choose from that are more exciting and entertaining than this. -Mitch Smietana

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