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In Fabric Quick View Interesting, But Needs More Entertainment Value Grade: C+

Source: IMDB

In Fabric is a horror comedy film about a dress that comes alive and appears to be haunted... Some Courage the Cowardly Dog type stuff. When I saw the trailer for this film, I had high hopes for this film. I think the concept is a bit goofy, but could be a lot of fun if handled properly and certainly can be an entertaining time. I checked out Peter Strickland’s previous work he has done before this film, as he does have a unique weird style to them. My favorite work from Strickland is Berberian Sound Studio, an unsettling horror film that had awesome style and I found the entire thing very interesting. There are things to like out of In Fabric, besides the concept. I found the Cinematography and Costume Design quite lovely, felt retro and elegant. Especially during the commercial ads and sudden paused cuts, it was pretty neat. The Score was also solid as well, very interesting choice of tunes. The cast all in all were pretty solid for the most part. Our main lead Marianne Jean-Baptiste did a pretty good job playing the role of Sheila. The film however doesn’t fully utilize this character, as I felt underwhelmed of how this character was concluded in the story. I guess I wanted more from this character, as the film went away from her for some reason? I enjoyed the comedic relief performances and characters, involving the bank, it was funny. If you never seen a Peter Strickland film, you would know he takes his time with his films and has a lot of style to em. That could be a problem in films because sometimes when you get so caught up in the style portion of things, you sometimes forget that substance is the one key component that matters the most, which can certainly wreck your entire film. That happened with an acclaimed film of his The Duke of Burgundy, sure the film looked absolutely lovely but as far as substance... I was completely bored because barely anything happened in that film. With In Fabric I do believe there is a style over substance problem, as I found this film rather disappointing and having sit with this film for many days, it just keeps me more underwhelmed over time. In Fabric maintains my attention as I still found the story to be rather interesting, the problem with this film is the lack of entertainment presented. When you think of a goofy concept, like a haunted dress leaving marks on people, levitating off the ground, scaring/killing others... You think you’re gonna have a blast. I found myself just utterly underwhelmed, there are a couple rad moments with the dress, but it’s mostly dialogue driven than displaying a form of entertainment. The way this film is paced is also a problem, this film should of been a much faster paced film but it takes it time and even so... It just feels like a turtle made this film. If you’re going to take on a goofy concept like this: Just go all out there, make the most entertaining film out of this, why hold back for?! I don’t even understand why critics love this film so much, regardless of entertainment per say, as an art form it really isn’t that deep to be completely wow’d by. For me I can respect quite a few aspects out of this film, but I just wanted to have a damn good time and In Fabric just didn’t do much for me honestly, which is a shame because I waited a long time to see this. Overall, In Fabric is just fine. I kind of recommend this film as a $1 rental or watching it on a streaming service. -Mitch Smietana

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