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I’m Gonna Make You Love Me; Grade: B

The train keeps on rolling in the SXSW Amazon Prime collab virtual film festival, as we take a look at another documentary selection I’m Gonna Make You Love Me. Tells a story about Brian Belovitch, a man whom struggled with their sexual identity since he was five years old. We go through the life story of Brian and how at one point in his life became a trans woman by a sex change.

From a film making aspect I gotta say this film looked very nice, more so when the film tells Brian’s past story in 4X4 Kodak like picture. When it came back to present day, it looks like your normal documentary style like film, which didn’t bother me much as it was a breath of fresh air, compared to the repetitive nature of Netflix docs at least. One major flaw I have for this film is some of the editing choices. Like it doesn’t follow Brian’s story in chronological order, a couple parts were not followed accordingly.

I’m Gonna Make You Love Me ends the search of a good film featured in this entire film festival so far. Brian Belovitch’s story t’was very interesting, even so at times very inspiring as well. This man was treated like absolute trash by not only society, but more so by his family, only because he was being himself. The way this man thrives through adversity at a early age was honestly very brave. The film also gives the audience a much better understanding, of people of his kind finding a great amount of uncertainty of ones identity. It makes people want to be better to those whom follow the same struggles Brian has dealt with, for a better future. Whether we are comfortable or uncomfortable with one whom decides on a lifestyle like Brian’s , we should still treat others the way we want to be treated. It’s not Brian’s fault he was born like that, does it make him much less of a person?! Absolutely not, Brian was a good kid that just wanted to be accepted and nothing more. Unfortunately the world as we know it can be cruel, so it was an everyday struggle for Brian to keep moving forward with life. Some of us can relate to Brian as we struggle to find acceptance in the world. Like Brian the only way through this ever lasting struggle is to move forward, as Brian made it farther than many have during those times. What I hope people will get out of this film is not only a much better understanding, but to also know if you trust and believe in yourself, you can achieve life no matter how hard life hits you. The film offers a well told story, that is inspiring, and teaches great values towards society.

Overall, I’m Gonna Make You Love Me is a solid documentary film. I recommend checking this one out, regardless of where you stand on this subject of matter, it’s still a nice documentary regardless. -Mitch Smietana

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