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I Lost My Body Quick View Netflix Finds Another Gem in the Animation Category Grade: B+

Source: IMDB

I Lost My Body is about a severed hand, whom escapes from a dissection lab and travels to find it's body. We go through flash backs of Naoufel's (Hakim Faris) life, a young man whom lost his parents at a young age, as he become emotionally lost since then. Netflix really hitting gems with these animated films, first Klaus now I Lost My Body. I Lost My Body is not only an impressive animated film, but one can feel completely heart broken by this film, as it's very mature and majorly relatable to those in Naoufel's shoes. I loved the 2-D animation in this film, it almost resembles Have a Nice Day only more money has been put into the animation, which is most likely why it's more smoother in delivery, the way the characters react and move. A unique dark yet charming looking film. I really liked the characters in this film and how invested I was in our main characters. Naoufel was a great character, one can truly cry their eyes out while watching this character. Just all that he's been through, the complete emptiness in this character trying to find some kind of light in his life, when there is pretty much nothing there for him. Sure people may call it a cliche that a girl brought some kind of light in Naoufel's life, but can you blame him?! Gabrielle (Victoire Du Bois) despite being disappointed in Naoufel's delayed delivery on a pizza order, she actually reach out to him and ask about what happened during the accident and if he was injured or not. Gabrielle brought comfort to Naoufel's soul because the last time someone actually gave a damn about his life, was likely since his parents died. We may criticize Naoufel's choice making, but can understand what a significant other can do for one that is completely lost inside. Gabrielle became a nice sweet surprise as Naoufel's love interest. The odd pair was really sweet together on screen. My main issue of the film was the ending... I didn't like how this film concludes at all. For everything it was setting up for, it just has a mediocre conclusion to the entire story. You can make some theories of what might of happened to Naoufel at the end, but honestly wasn't feeling it. The story of the film is well written and emotionally riveting. Like I said this film will touch some strings in your heart and really make you feel complete sympathy for our main character, because it's completely relatable to anyone that has felt this way before. Whether it be coping with death, losing someone you love, or losing a good friend... We've all been there before. Despite the severed hand's journey, the film is rather intriguing in story telling where you never felt bored even once. Animation in 2019 has been truly great this year, as I Lost My Body joins some elite company. Overall, I Lost My Body is a pretty damn good film. I highly recommend this film, it's on Netflix now incase you're interested. -Mitch Smietana

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