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I Care A Lot Quick View; Grade: B

I Care A Lot tells a story about a Legal Guardian Marla (Rosamund Pike) who takes in many wards. The thing is Marla is a extremely crooked legal guardian, as her intentions is not help her wards, but to drain their savings by all means. Marla has an open slot in her facility, as it has brought to her attention that a new promising candidate is just up the alley. That candidate would be Jennifer Peterson (Dianne Wiest) an extremely wealthy woman, who has no family, no husband, no kids as she becomes an easy target for Marla's facility. As Marla successfully takes in Jennifer, it seems Jennifer was more loaded than Marla thought she would. But as the story goes: More Money, More Problems! Marla gains a lot of enemies for taking in Jennifer, as they'll do whatever it takes to get Jennifer out of the facility, including violence or even worse... DEATH!

I Care A Lot felt heavily influenced by a Coen Brothers Picture: A Crime Story, Featuring Some Comedic Elements. The crime story itself was honestly unique, very engaging from start to finish, followed by some clever and witty twists that you didn't see coming except one that was a bit clear as day. The social commentary on how these services provided are supposed to be intended to be for the people, rather than be greed and selfishness was honestly on point, as given the fact of the events happening in America over the past year... We've seen a lot of services intended to serve the people with good intentions, as it turns out there nothing but completely selfish greedy human beings that only care about your money and nothing else like Marla. Rosamund Pike brings a pretty damn good performance, as this money hungry woman who doesn't shy away from any challenge that comes her way, even when it comes down near to her final days... She's not afraid of anything.

One major flaw I have for I Care A Lot is the comedic side of this film was not only unfunny but also unneeded. I understand the purpose of attempting comedy towards this type of story, as the concept of itself is pretty bizarre. However how it was attempted felt too goofy and it didn't quite comprehend to the films tone at all, as a compliment the jokes weren't terrible by any means, but it comes out misplaced in many scenes and it just doesn't quite work. Another main issue is confusion within the character Marla and how the audience is suppose to react to a character in her nature. You see Marla's actions against Jennifer can be justified, as we discover Jennifer's true identity, which has us drawn back to being on Marla's side. But at the same time... Marla had no idea of Jennifer's true identity, as before it was revealed she was open to not only take away Jennifer from her home and assets by choice... But was open to force many drugs on Jennifer, in which could permanently damage her mind, which can be deeply disturbing knowing Marla is supposed to be in a position to take care of her wards, not drown them by countless amount of drugs. So while the film can justified being on Marla's side, at the same time... She's still an extremely terrible person, which makes it hard for me to ever want to support someone like her, even if terrible people are after her... I think she's far worst than them.

Still: I Care A Lot is an entertaining unique crime story that holds up very well, as it felt like a blend of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest meets Bad Education. It's got neat visuals, a stellar Score that truly elevates itself in memorable moments in the third act, a solid all around cast, and a well told crime story as well.

Overall, I Care A Lot t'was dope. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on Netflix. -Mitch Smietana

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