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Source: How High FaceBook Page

How High 2 a straight to MTV movie, tells a story (if you can call it that) about a couple friends Roger (Lil Yachty) and Calvin (D.C. Young Fly). Roger just got fired from his job and got denied his loan for his app. So one day in Roger’s mama’s basement, they came across a weed bible, which contained the best magical weed in all of Atlanta. Roger hopes this magical weed will be the answer to receive the money for his app. Sit back, relax, and enjoy one miserable, unfunny, terribly acted, and horribly written stoner film. Let’s get down to it: How bad is How High 2?! I quit watching when there was thirty minutes left, I just couldn’t watch this embarrassing piece of garbage that was in front of me any longer, I don’t care what happened in the end it doesn’t matter. The Cinematography was completely awful, it felt like watching a poor man’s television set off of Mister Rogers Neighborhood, only there’s no charm whatsoever. The Score stunk, the Visuals are cheesy and lame as it makes stoners want to quit smoking weed forever. The acting all around... I could go on for days on how bad the acting is, some of the worst displays of acting I’ve ever seen. People have to understand what makes a stoner film presentable, is that it has NOTHING to do with weed, the weed portion is the least interesting part of any stoner film. What made Friday not only a stoner classic, but a great film is that it’s a well written story with STRUCTURE, great comedic material, great characters. How High 2 has none of that, the way this film is structured feels like somebody did smoke weed while writing this atrocious script. It’s all over the place, things happen randomly for no apparent reason, as you watch a sequence of events that didn’t need to happen because WE ALREADY KNEW WHO STOLE THEIR WEED. WHAT WAS THE POINT, WHEN IT’S CLEAR AS DAY WHO TOOK THE WEED?! The comedic material is beyond trash, it’s so lazy and felt like they were desperate for a cheap laugh. Why should we care about these main characters?! Roger wants to create an app, to sell snacks to stoners, ok why should I want him to succeed with this life changing app?! What about weed dealer tinder swiping Calvin, why should I care about him?! This film doesn’t give us a reason to care nor make us root for them to get their weed back, so why should I be watching a movie that has no character to like and absolutely nothing to laugh at?! Overall, How High 2 is the worst film of 2019, a complete waste of time, as it makes Open House look like a Best Picture contender. If you want to be happy, don’t waste your time and life on this embarrassment -Mitch Smietana

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