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Hooking Up Quick View; Grade: D

Hooking Up tells a story of a sex addict Darla (Brittany Snow), whom is also a journalist featuring juicy sex tales relatable to women. Darla got caught having sex with an intern at the office, as she is now unemployed. Bailey (Sam Richardson) is dealing with not only separation from his high school sweetheart, but he now has received devastating news that he does have testicular cancer again. Bailey and Darla spent an evening at a diner, as Darla has come up with a solution to get her job back. She’ll revisit every single place she ever had sex and redo it with Bailey and write about it... What the hell?! Witness an odd pair rediscovering their lives on this sex road trip.

Let’s talk about the positives of this film. I felt Brittany Snow and Sam Richardson had solid chemistry together, they may not be giving the best performances, but their performances do shine when they are on screen together. I also felt Darla’s character arc felt completed, despite the absurdity of this plot. She learned that her sex addiction is actually something not be so comfortable with. She learned that she was completely insecure with herself, which lead her to many meaningless sexual partners. That the work she was partaking in is completely meaningless, she was never proud of the work she has done nor the person she was. It was then on Darla needed to change for the better, to start loving herself, and to take her problem seriously and work hard to over come her addiction. It’s probably the one remorseful trait in the entire story, sure it beats you over the head at the end as she explains the audience what we already know, but at least it was a fully developed character arc.

The compliments end as I found Hooking Up to not only be absurd, but to be quite honestly boring. Visually the film is pretty bland, followed by an uneventful score. This film is labeled as a comedy... Other than one chuckle, the comedic material in this film is honestly embarrassing. The jokes missed majority of the time, leaving the audience gasping for air as your watching a poorly told romantic comedy story right before your eyes. As you can tell by my lack of enthusiasm the plot of this film is beyond stupid. I don’t understand where Darla’s head was at, other than feeding her sex addiction. She couldn’t just wrote about her past sexual experiences, without having sex with Bailey?! Why would Bailey partake in this journey to begin with? You know giving Darla sex is actually not helping her sex addiction, it’s actually worsen her sex addiction you idiot. When Bailey finds out the main purpose in this sex trip, I’m honestly quite baffled that he gotten mad that Darla used him for a blog piece. You’re not mad that Darla is using you for sex... But when she uses you for blog piece, that’s where you cross the line?! Give me a break! I felt Bailey’s character arc wasn’t half bad, however it leaves some question marks. It really took Bailey to have meaningless sex with someone, in order to realize he wants to grow up and not have people care/baby him? This film makes me appreciate Don Jon in a way, sure I’m not a fan of that film, but at least it has something useful to say about addiction relating to sex.

Overall, Hooking Up is a bad film. I don’t recommend this film, either try Don Jon for a nice rental or Sex Drive if you want something funny regarding ones urge to have sex. -Mitch Smietana

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