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Homecoming Quick View Beyoncé is Shining Shining in her Netflix Doc Film Grade: B-

Source: IMDB

I've been a fan of Beyonce ever since I was introduced to her by my mother, as a small child. Back in 2013, Beyonce had just finished with her iconic Super Bowl performance, as later on she announced the Mrs. Carter tour, after witnessing that incredible show on Television, it was a must to see her perform in person. How badly did I wanted to see Beyonce live?! Well I skipped my family reunion to watch her sold out live show in Las Vegas... I have no regrets to this day, as it still remains the best concert I've ever experienced in my entire life. Beyonce releases her concert film "Homecoming" on Netflix, showing her entire Coachella performance and some behind the scenes looks before the performance. What I can tell you is that the Cinematography is breathtaking to watch, whether it be in black and white, 4X4 polaroid framing, or just the natural look in general it's fantastic to watch, the production value was really put in towards the film making portion. The choreography was pretty impressive to watch, dancers were terrific, the pep rally band sounded pretty good as well. I loved the production design and costume design, it’s cool how she made it a college experience considering the fact majority of those that go to this music festival are college kids. Beyonce's performance I thought was good, not great but good. You can tell that Beyonce's new music has rapidly declined over time with her other music, as whenever she performed her latest released tunes the performance felt a bit stale for my taste. Not saying her new songs are bad, I get that she wanted to adapt to the style of modern day music... To me lyric wise, song wise, and even the way she performs the new tracks just isn't creative nor sounds up to par like the Beyonce I know. At times her performance made me wish I was there, at times her performance made me happy I was at home watching it instead. I felt the behind the scenes look building up to her Coachella performance could've been constructed better. At one point there was someone commentating, how truly deep this performance is going to be and how it's going to inspire to change the world we live in, right after she sings "Suck on my balls" about 5 times over and over again, poorly edited I do say. To me: It's just another concert film I've seen a few times before, which isn't a bad thing. The film t'was excellent in the film making department, has stellar choreography, and displays a solid Beyonce concert. Overall, Homecoming was a cool concert film and people should definitely check it out on Netflix. -Mitch Smietana

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