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Her Smell Quick View 2018 Brought us Vox Lux; 2019 Brought us Her Smell Grade: B

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Her Smell tells a story of a successful rock band She Something. Although not a joyous fun tale, we go through the down fall of this beloved band thanks to their lead singer Becky Something (Elisabeth Moss). Becky becomes a ticking bomb for her band members and for an upcoming band, as when she can’t handle being sober... All hell breaks loose, as she becomes a real pain and sometimes very scary to be around. This film reminds me of Vox Lux in a way, I highly enjoyed that film as I did for Her Smell as well. I really enjoyed the Score for this film, it’s fits with the dark tone of this film, as it always sounded like a ticking time bomb, which our lead character was. The cast all did a well done job all around. Elisabeth Moss was fantastic in this film, truly capturing the nature of this character perfectly, sheesh she even disturbed me a couple moments in the film. Gayle Rankin did a pretty good job as the drummer of Her Something, showed how emotionally drained and how aggravating it was to be around Becky. Dan Stevens was pretty good as the father of Becky’s daughter. I felt bad for this character the most, a child needs two mentally stable parents, he’s doing a fine job with the child as for the other... Just truly sucks watching this ticking bomb, going off like every other day. All five parts taken place in this film were done well, which they all had a purpose in being played. Unfortunately I believe part four, where it’s taken place in Becky’s house didn’t take much of an interest for me. Sure it had a purpose in being there, but it had me not caring much at all because it wasn’t really engaging nor interesting to watch. Even the moments where Becky sings for her daughter or plays a new song for one of her band mates... Didn’t do much for me, as I just waited for this part to end. I hope more of these music drama pics get made, because they are delightful in my eyes. They’re so different than the average norm, delivering a realistic look of the dark side of the music industry. You always wonder why some musical acts are late to their gigs?! Well it may not be the assumed case of “Getting Ready” or “Not Caring”... Often times it could be just one dysfunctional band member, that can’t get their act together, so delays for their performance happen. This film works due to great acting by the cast, but also engaging dialogue with an impactful simple story. I didn’t feel bored except part four while watching this, it’s an interesting story as it treats itself as a play. I enjoyed the small clips of the band being at it’s happiest together, then we switch back to the chaotic mess that we’re dealing with. With triumph often times comes with a downfall, it’s how you handle that success matters. It’s not always you feel bad for the individual that’s going through a rough patch with alcohol and drugs, you got to think about the other members of the band. They were like sisters, when one sister becomes mentally abusive towards her family... It’s heartbreaking to watch. Overall, Her Smell was a pretty solid film. I do recommend this film, but fair warning this is not a crowd pleasing music drama film, this is pretty dark. -Mitch Smietana

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