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HellBoy Quick View I Felt Robbed of a Free RedBox Promo Code Grade: F

Source: IMDB

What should’ve been HellBoy 3, with Del Toro and the cast returning. Instead we get a reboot of HellBoy... Why?! HellBoy (2019) tells a story about a past powerful entity coming back to life, with the help of a Warlock. Here comes HellBoy (David Harbour) with the help of his less interesting, boring, and forgettable side kicks to save the day. Now let me be clear, I’m not a huge fan of the original HellBoy, but I liked it. I actually watched it recently and even though it’s outdated, it’s still a cool movie with lovely special effects, a solid story, and likable characters. When I heard HellBoy was being remade/rebooted I thought why?! It’s 2019, you can do anything now, just continue the original film series that has a fan base. I’m going to get through my one positive right off the bat and that’s the opening scene, regarding the black and white picture. Other than that: This is debatably the worst super hero film and worst reboot/remake of all time. Keep in mind Neil Marshall made this film, his past work has consist of one of my favorite horror films The Descent. Since then... Not an impressive track record. Do I feel he was the wrong choice for this film?! Yes. With Del Toro he understands the source material. Though it’s kind of a edgy and dark comic, with monsters... He knew it wasn’t suppose to be portrayed as a horror film. Del Toro is one of the best in creating beautiful monsters and solid sci-fi/fantasy films, at creating monsters whether it be done by visual effects or costume design, he’s a just a master at his craft. Unfortunately Neil Marshall thought differently and made it a horror/action style film, it never works once. Especially during this one scene where HellBoy is meeting up with an entity that eats children. It’s suppose to be scary, but it looks terrible. The creature design, the dubbing which is tremendously awful, the way it talks and moves... This damn thing should’ve been left in IT Chapter 2, this doesn’t work in HellBoy at all. I feel no one hates the makeup design of HellBoy, more than I... It’s atrocious. Do you remember Disaster Movie and the parody HellBoy?! That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the new HellBoy, it looks so BAD. In the original HellBoy looked natural, like he could be a real person in real life. You can just tell this HellBoy looks like a man in a cheap costume, like for God Sakes if you can’t get the simple part of HellBoy done right, then why did you make the movie?! Let’s talk about the characters... I don’t like any of them. They’ve made HellBoy an unlikable character, as he’s a douchebag who tells jokes... THIS IS NOT HELLBOY! In the original HellBoy he was a wise ass sometimes, but he never stops in the middle of a scene to tell a bad joke. He tells his quirky one liners with charisma, the jokes were cool. In this I feel like I’m watching a more obnoxious version of DeadPool. The side kick characters this time around... Oh Boy They SUCK! They have no personality whatsoever, no charisma as well. In the original HellBoy his side kicks were awesome, one being done by great costume design. In this they bore the living hell out of me, trying to crack jokes and having lame back stories, why why why?! The antagonist of this film isn’t that bad, it just feels like I’m watching something out of a video game, that would never work in a film as that’s what happens. The main concern with the antagonist is none other than her henchman the WarLock... The worst character in the entire film. Completely annoying, unfunny, and even just downright stupid. Did you enjoy HellBoy meeting the Warlock for the first time?! Wasn’t that hilarious?! No it wasn’t at all, it was just an embarrassing moment?! So a main issue fans of HellBoy had in the past, with the originals is that it’s not rated R. They wanted to see blood during the violent sequences, due to the fact it’s a mature super hero film. What people fail to understand when it comes to how to display gore in violence, it has to be presentable. It can’t be all over your face, in a way that it’s unbearable to watch not because it’s too gory, it’s because it comes out poorly. That’s exactly what the end result of the added bloody violence to this version of HellBoy turned out to be, every sequence of blood looks so bad. In The Descent, a previous Neil Marshall film the blood shown looked very good and haunting at times. Maybe just maybe Neil forgot The Descent is not in the same genre as HellBoy, where blood in The Descent looks good because it’s a HORROR film, HellBoy is NOT a HORROR film. The way it’s presented in The Descent had style, it brings you chills and fear. Where in HellBoy is just looks like regular over the top violence. Especially in the third act, HellBoy summoning giant demons... I hated every single second of that sequence. I don’t think Neil knew how to make a fantasy super hero film, he just wasn’t capable of making one. The story was extremely boring and lame. Where there was no action and telling a story I fell asleep, when there was action is was lame. Even in what was suppose to be an exciting sequence of action, HellBoy taking down giants, it just comes off ridiculously stupid. I felt like there was no life at all in this film, it’s so hard for me to talk about anything remotely exciting or engaging because there’s nothing here. I wanted to turn off my TV during that six months later scene, I had enough I didn’t care anymore I had it with this film. I’m happy this didn’t make any money, because what they set up at the end... Blood pressure was running high, very very high, so thank you movie goers for not letting them ruin an iconic side kick! Overall, HellBoy (2019) is a flat out embarrassment, one of the worst films of the entire year. I don’t recommend watching this film at all, just watch Del Toro’s HellBoy films. I felt completely robbed that I rented this film... Even when the rental was free, I still feel robbed. -Mitch Smietana

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