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Halloween Kills; Grade: C

Halloween Kills continues where we left off in Halloween (2018), as Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) hopes Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) the masked murderer is finally burned to death, as terror in this small town is finally over. Unfortunately… That doesn’t happen, as the fire department heads on over to the burning house where Michael is located, as Laurie is pissed off they might have ruined the one and only chance of killing Michael Myers. As the fire department comes: Michael Myers kills them all, as he’s heading on over to the town, as he goes on a killing spree on Halloween night.

Halloween (2018) was ok and pretty much forgettable. The only moments I can remember in that film was a poorly misplaced joke between two cops and Michael being trapped in the basement… Other than that, it left my mind completely. I feel Halloween Kills maybe in that same territory, however I think this is slightly better than Halloween (2018).

Halloween Kills as titled delivers what is expected: Michael Myers killing a bunch of civilians on Halloween night. Some of the death sequences were crafted well, very brutal sequences as it delivered some kind of entertainment value. I would also say that Halloween Kills does attempt in delivering some kind of metaphor. Like how civilians are just as cruel as Michael Myers. Sure Michael Myers is worse than all the civilians no question about it, however there is a striking moment where the civilians of this town in this hospital go after one due to assumption and misleading information. It doesn’t matter if the person they’re after doesn’t have a similar physical appearance compared to Michael, they just believe in what they wanted to hear… Feels like a direct shot in how society consumes the media. So at least in a way Halloween Kills does have some kind of entertainment value and has something to say.

I felt majority of the acting in Halloween Kills was pretty bad, it felt like b movie level of acting. The film can tend to be predictable much, as you know exactly where things are heading. I found the ending to be terrible. Not only was it predictable, but you tend to question the civilians of this town. You could’ve ended this whole ordeal with Michael Myers, yet you don’t go about it like you should’ve went about it. It’s going to take more than bats, pitch forks, and knife wombs to kill this guy. I get their setting up another sequel to conclude this trilogy… But can you at least execute it, where you have some kind of common sense in how to kill Michael Myers?! I could picture a much more exciting end, to where there is common sense involved.

Halloween Kills is a step up from Halloween (2018), as I’m hoping the third and hopefully final installment in this trilogy is gonna be exciting.

Overall, Halloween Kills was just ok. I guess check this out if you liked Halloween (2018), but I would wait till rental for this one. -Mitch Smietana

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