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Hail Satan? Quick View The Viewer Shall Be More Understanding After This Doc Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Hail Satan? is a documentary film centered around the religion's Satanism appearance from 2013 and so on. We not only learn the history of the religion, but also discover some of their beliefs, agendas, etc. I believe religion can be very interesting to talk about or to discover and learn about, but also can be a dangerous topic to talk about. Reason being: Some people take religion way too seriously, causing them to overreact towards those whom have a different view or opinion. All in all I believe we should all be normal human beings, whether we agree to disagree in opinions, or believe in different view points we can all be sane... Human beings make it more complicated than it has to be. I guess what brought my attention to this documentary was not only the critical outcome, but also am curious to learn about a religion I barely have much knowledge on. This perhaps is an interesting documentary, my outcome remained positive as I received a fair amount of information that I haven't learned before watching this film. I believe it's purpose is to educate those whom barely know anything about the religion, it did the job well. Like people back in the day were terrified to learn that their child, was playing the board game Dungeons and Dragons, which they assumed that child worships Satan and is evil... That's kind of ridiculous. This film offers interviewers debating against Christianity, as to why not only they chose the religion their currently in over them, but also why they find Christianity problematic. They made some solid valid points, that were mature to why they're against it in a reasonable way. It's not like they were ranting about how all Christians are terrible and they all need to die, they were just explaining the problems within the religion and how they're not open to those whom don't totally agree with them. It's a common problem we're dealing with in America right now, whether it be from a political standpoint or even those whom don't agree with the mass majority on regular opinions... It's toxic behavior, just like those in religion. What I did get out of this as well is it's better to go out of your way and research, rather than just assume and stereotype those, without having common knowledge on the subject. I mean the world believes everyone in this religion is evil, but in one scenario we see those in this religion helping the homeless and even the beaches/street cleaning up litter bugs. It's a nice message that stereotyping is wrong and we should try to seek each and every individual out, giving them the benefit to the doubt. There is however some problems I had with this documentary. Some of which didn't believe in everything the religion had to say, however they just stick with the religion anyway?! Maybe have some clarification on why you remained a member of this religion, despite not agreeing with everything the religion preaches. The whole scene, where they did this weird display on abortion still leaves me confused. Are they for it or against it?! Though they explain the message behind their display, it still wasn't clear in which what it stands for. Throughout the movie they kept preaching on how even though they don't agree with the majority of America regarding religious beliefs, they want to be accepted despite different views. So shouldn't they not knock another religion down, while trying achieve their goal? I mean you're preaching how you want to be equal and accepted by Christians and other different religions, but why do you have a member wearing a "I'm not Saved" shirt, knocking down a Christian's belief that they were saved by God?! Don't be a hypocrite is all I'm saying. I guess my other complaint is sometimes it's hard to take some of this seriously. Like I find myself laughing at the rituals of this religion... It's so ridiculous it's hard for me to not laugh. I understand this film is also a comedy, but when it came to some of the serious moments, it was not taken serious at all. I hope those whom actually give this documentary a try, they come out to be a more understanding person towards those that don't completely agree on what they believe in. Look I don't have any desire in joining this religion at all and some of their views are very strange to me, but in the end their human beings and have some good ideas. As long as those in this religion have good character within themselves, then it's not problem, we can all be normal in a world filled with different people. Overall, Hail Satan? is a good documentary film. I recommend this film, it's on Hulu if you're curious about it. -Mitch Smietana

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