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Goodbye for now... My Sweetheart- A Written Statement From Strictly Films

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Dear Supporters of Strictly Films,

Hello to all that is mothers, dads, brothers, sisters, cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, acquaintances, and of course my favorite... Film Lovers. You know I’ve been on my IPad for a good ten to fifteen minutes now, trying to create an important heart felt statement. Instead of telling a sob story in which honestly, none of us really need to hear right now, due to the fact we’re all pretty damn depressed about the current situation... I instead will just lighten up the mood, by writing something some of us can relate to. For years and years, I rely on my only resource of happiness.... The Movie Theater. As film lovers, we love the theater for many reasons. The new selection of films every week, the popcorn, the giant screen, being in one big auditorium, the rush you get when it’s time to “SILENT YOUR CELL PHONES NOW” because the film is about to begin, and more importantly... Our escape from the real world. Is the movie theater experience perfect?! Oh absolutely not, it’s a loving dysfunctional relationship. Movie goers can be at times rude, loud, obnoxious, disruptive, bringing a baby to an adult rated film for God knows why, and at times odd/strange... I’m sorry but getting a hot dog/boneless chicken wings/pizza at a movie theater is just weird. But with all the dysfunction it offers... I’ve been loving this experience for over two decades now, this is my happy place, my true love, my home.

Before the movie theater I felt like I never belonged in this world, seriously human beings can make you so uncomfortable to the point where you just feel completely different from them. I felt the movie theater was created by God so it can make people like you and me, feel like we belong. Films make us believe that someone for the first time ever in our lives understands us, when no one else can. What makes a film shown at a movie theater feel different than a movie at home, is that it truly captures the complete magic of the experience. Sure my 4K television is incredible for movie showing, but it can’t ever compare to one in a theater with surround sound and a vivid picture. One of my desires in life has always been working at a movie theater, I didn’t care what others think, I just knew I would love it because it doesn’t feel like work... It just feels like I’m home at my happy place. In August of last year I finally got hired at one and honestly... Best Job I ever had. A job at a movie theater is basically a movie theater experience: A dysfunctional yet loving relationship. Sometimes I’m hit with an A caliber day, sometimes I’m hit with an F caliber day... But at the end of the day I still come back for more because it’s just right for me. I love this place more than life itself, without it I just feel incomplete as a human being.

With the coronavirus restricting the outside world including sports and now... Movie Theaters. I just feel completely empty... Like this can’t be happening?! What about the new upcoming releases?! Where can I go where I feel complete as a human being? Where do I go to when I’m a sad boy? What the hell am I gonna do now?! Of course I’m kind of over exaggerating just a tad... Just a tad. There are many films I still haven’t watched in the era of the 1920’s to now, so at least I’m always going to keep myself sane with my love with cinema. Let’s thank God they weren’t closed down for good, they’ll come back in due time... So being alive is going to be worth it in due time... Yeah yeah I’m over doing it, shut up I love movie theaters damn it. Also during this time off, maybe just maybe human beings will realize just how fantastic the movie theater is, where they finally are going to show a new found appreciation for it, so when they reopen... Many will flock over and it’ll be busier than ever before, so we can have one hundred more years of our dysfunctional love for it. I truly hope this long break from outside society will at least teach people, instead of crying, complaining, being angry at each other for indifferences, and opinions. That we should all be more grateful, appreciative, and absolutely take advantage of the many blessings in front of us provided by God. You know I sometimes avoid some films at the theater due to the fact I have no interest in seeing them... When this is all over, I’m going to take advantage of my dear blessing and try to see every single film damn it. So to all reading this, the key to having a great life is simply with one word: Love. Be more understanding, try to find solutions rather than conflict, develop a great amount of patience, help one another, love thy acquaintances/friends/family, and simply... Love thy Cinema. With the drought coming up ahead, I think to myself with no movie releases in theaters coming up for a good month or two... Is it time to shut down the site too?! Ya know my whole life I’ve always wanted to have my own movie review website, are we going to let Coronavirus stop me from living my dream?! Absolutely... NOT! I’M NOT LEAVING! THE SHOW GOES ON B A B Y! We will continue doing more reviews for 2020 cinema, but until the theaters reopen I’ll give my readers a special surprise.

Every week we’re going to do one Retro Talk! Every week I’ll pick out one movie from what I watched from 1920’s-2000’s and will discuss it, least I can do for you guys during this drought. Thank you all so much for all your support, look forward to new reviews very soon, may God bless you all and stay safe out there! -Mitch Smietana

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