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Good Luck to You, Leo Grande Quick View; Grade: B

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande tells a story about a retired school teacher widow named Nancy Stokes (Emma Thompson), whom has booked herself a nice hotel for the evening. But the intention of her booking this hotel has nothing to do with going on holiday, in fact Nancy has booked herself a sex worker by the name of Leo Grande (Daryl McCormack). Nancy is hoping to achieve some of her wildest fantasy dreams, while also having some quality company and to engage in meaningful conversation.

This film was featured earlier in this year’s Sundance Film Festival, as this film received a lot of praise from viewers and critics especially. According to wikipedia the idea of this film came roughly around 2020, as it was shot in about a month span in Spring 2021. The film does have that feel it was thought of and made during the pain in the ass era, a simple premise that is shot in all in one location, featuring a small cast.

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande for what it is was honestly impressive. What really carries this film for me is the well written dialogue, as the conversations this odd pair are engaging in are extremely fascinating and well put together. It makes the characters fully fleshed out, as the odd pair not only gets to know one another more within the few sessions they have together, but they also become much better people in the end.

The film does an effective job in letting the audience be not only more understanding of sex-workers, but also strikes a light on their profession as well. As we’ve come to know more about Leo over the course of the film, we understand that he’s a broken individual whom just wants to satisfy his patrons that can even go beyond than just sex, it can be the simplicity of just being a solid companion where patrons can use them for closure even. Sometimes their services felt genuine in a way, as they help not only comfort their patrons but also help them discover a new experience they’ve never experienced before, while making them feel more comfortable within themselves as well.

The film can also be used a powerful message, to be much more understanding of others, less judgmental of others, and more importantly dig deeper beyond your horizons when it comes to having an experience in life and even in the bedroom per say. I mean look at Nancy before and after her encounter with Leo. Before Leo she was a bit harsh on people in this line of work or just how people expressed themselves in general, now after Leo she’s much more understanding that people whom are in this line of work, aren’t as degrading as they have the reputation of one, as she shouldn’t be so quick to harshly judge someone. Sure we would like Leo Grande to go above than just satisfying patrons in the bedroom, however the man is a sweetheart, while listening and understanding his patrons as genuine as he can possibly, as he even enjoys making others happy in some way… No problem with that, as I feel Nancy discovered to be more sympathetic.

When you hear about how Nancy was treated in the bedroom by her past husband… Like Leo, you honestly feel baffled and sorry for the woman. Like sure we appreciate and honor Nancy for going on the route of sex before marriage, who knows if I’ll be on that route as well. But for one to not truly experience pleasure to the fullest, where one feels sexy and purely satisfied where the ideas of receiving and giving pleasure is endless, you honestly feel kind of bad for her because I feel it’s rather mandatory that a man should be open to let loose and to be open to do as much as they possibly can to deliver the best possible experience for the woman in the bedroom, than the typical normal and traditional sex positions. You know you only live life once ya know: If you’re going to love a woman and be married to one, make them feel loved, be as affectionate and as passionate as you possibly can for her. Let’s be real: You might as well be single if you’re not going to truly satisfy your woman in the best way possible, I get that I’m a virgin, but anytime I hear women not treated like queens in any area in the relationship, I get pissed off because what is wrong with you ungrateful bum asses?! Do your damn job in which your woman blessed you with that role and be the most loving companion as you possibly can.

Emma Thompson and Daryl McCormack both delivered great performances, while displaying great chemistry as well. They were adorable together on screen, as you truly felt the connection they had with each other as this odd pair in an unusual arrangement. I felt the film surprisingly enough was shot well despite being all disclosed in one location, especially the neon lighting in the hotel room or the shots in the end of the interior design of the hotel.

Couple flaws for Good Luck to You, Leo Grande. Some pacing issues here and there, which will likely come with a simple storyline that’s shot in all one location, where there’s not a major thrilling conflict displayed. I felt the finale ran on a bit too long, I felt there were a couple more suitable shots where it could’ve been cut to black, but it ran on a few more minutes than it should.

I will say that the final concluding shot was pretty wholesome. It kind of speaks volumes to those whom feel they’re too old or feel their body isn’t well put together, however learns security as one made them feel beautiful and didn’t mind the minor flaws within themselves. I guess that’s what pure lust and satisfaction will do for ya when delivered in the bedroom: It’ll make you feel young and feel wonderful inside.

Overall, Good Luck to You, Leo Grande was a solid film. I recommend checking this one out, can be found on HULU, it’s lovely story indeed. Imagine if this film was shown in theaters and you took a date to see this… Man oh man, it can either be an awkward experience, wholesome experience, or a learning experience indeed. Happy Fathers Day Everyone! -Mitch Smietana

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