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Godzilla vs Kong; The Monster Battle We’ve All Been Waiting For. Grade: B

Happy Easter everybody! Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday today, being around family, eating a quality meal, visiting your local Church if it’s open which EVERY Church NEEDS to be open, and watching a couple giant monster legends go head to head in your local theatre... Switching holiday traditions this time of year I reckon.

Godzilla vs Kong, takes place where Godzilla is wilding out in the city, destroying buildings and such. Nobody knows why exactly would Godzilla do such a thing, since he is one swell monster and all, who wants to do good. Human beings provide a solution to this problem: King Kong. That's right folks: In order for Godzilla to stop destroying the city and putting people in danger, they will use the most powerful force in the Amazon... KONG.

The Godzilla and Kong monster universe has been... Interesting. I think both of their self titled films Godzilla and Kong Skull Island we're both decent/average enjoyable films on their own, however Godzilla: King of Monsters.... Not so much. Surprising enough there has been a considerate amount of anticipation for these giants to meet, despite either film not being great, while also was suppose to be released just a year after Godzilla: King of Monsters until the pain in the ass delayed it another year, rightfully so we needed to let it rest and breath for a year.

Adam Wingard, most known for making films in the horror genre, takes a task to continue the story of two beloved giants. How did he do?! Well I gotta say: From what I've seen from this directors work, this is his best film he’s made so far, and has made the best film of this universe so far too. Adam Wingard must've heard all the complaints given to basically all these films, especially Godzilla: King of Monsters. He knew that no one cared about the side plots of the human characters and just wanted entertaining monster battle sequences, as Wingard did exactly that... THANK YOU WINGARD!

The story though filled with quite a bit of logic issues, regarding the center of the universe, magic crystals and such. But however: Somehow this film navigates itself from us excusing those logic issues, because in a way they all served a purpose, into having our monsters getting to place to place and participating in the epic battle ahead. The core value of this film is entertainment alone, as this film succeeded on expectations, delivering us some bad ass entertaining monster battle sequences, capture by such beautiful vibrant colors. The visual effects in this was tremendous indeed, as not a fan of 3-D format, watching this in 3-D was absolutely stunning especially featuring the colors of bright orange and blue.

When it comes to the human narrative, it’s kept to a bare minimum and somehow is as effective as any of the human side plots in any of these films. I still think a couple human narrative side plots are better in Kong Skull Island and Godzilla, however the human side plots in Godzilla vs Kong is up there, especially with the little girl and her connection with Kong, as I genuinely cared about her and loved how they were developed regarding the bond and such.

There’s a couple good laughs offered here, I kind of thought of them as classic dad comedy jokes for some reason, where dads can appreciate the cheesy ole fashion humor you see in the 80's.

The third act especially is non stop FUN, where it cuts itself loose as it's an all non stop battle till the end. This is one of the rare times in which a film has navigated it's way to shut my brain off, from trying to find fault within the lines, as it made me just have a blast in the theaters. If you're not watching this in a theater: WHAT ARE YOU DOING MAN?!?! Extremely pleased in what I've received here, it's by no mean high class art and it’s certainly not even close to the original King Kong or Peter Jackson's King Kong, however for one that just wanted to have a good time... This film did just that and it flies by with the reasonable run time of just under two hours too.

Overall, Godzilla vs Kong was a solid film. I recommend checking this out, it's a must see in a theater setting and it’s a must consuming popcorn as well too. -Mitch Smietana

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