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Godzilla King of Monsters King of Monsters?!? More like King of Dull if you ask me Grade: D+

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Godzilla: King of Monsters is about Godzilla fighting a bunch of monsters... YAY! Some other stuff happens leading up to this, which really doesn’t matter because who cares about the story, it’s all about MONSTERS FIGHTING YUUUUUH! So let’s get into some positives first, because there are a few. The visual effects improved big time, with regarding Godzilla 2014. Of course Godzilla was the highlight of his first solo film, he looks great again in this film, however the villain for his first solo film... That thing looked like complete trash, worst thing about that film. In this film the monsters looked pretty good, Godzilla’s villains looked bad ass this time around. Especially the main villain Ghidorah, I really enjoyed the looks of this monster and how powerful the three headed monster can be. The butterfly or whatever monster at first looked pretty stupid, but then when it reached it’s final form, it looked pretty good. The Cinematography looked fine, there is some dope shots of blue and bright orange colors. The Score was fine as well, I liked a couple moments of music, but it really didn’t give the film much life... But we can just blame the story for that part. I enjoyed the final battle the most, thought the others were... Meh, but this final battle worked just fine for me, t’was exciting. However I enjoyed the small conclusion in this film, thought it was cool... But they forgot to add this one monster, that everyone wanted to see make an appearance, would’ve gave the audience something to be excited for in the next film, which surprisingly comes out in less than ten months. Me and my friends thought of a cool epic conclusion, even they could’ve done something dope during the after credits... But nah, let’s add a completely stupid after credits scene that give fans less excitement for the next film, that’ll work. So these Godzilla films have great trailers, it made me want to revisit the previous one so I can watch this sequel. While my first viewing of Godzilla wasn’t taken too kindly... Second time around, I found it fairly decent. A simple story that was effective, with characters we cared about, while I do say I enjoyed the highlights of Godzilla in that film very much. So fans didn’t care for Godzilla because there was not enough screen time on him. You can understand their frustration, but the problem is... That’s a really silly complaint. When you have too much of something, it becomes very very very boring, as it increasingly becomes less exciting... Which is why this film is a dreadfully boring major disappointment. I didn’t care for the cast at all, a couple of fine performances here and there, but they all made me not care about any character. In Godzilla, Bryan Cranston was great in the short time he was in that film. His performance not only was great, but his character was a well written character, that drove this film into the right direction, because now we have something to care about. In this film: Several characters are either completely stupid or just lame comedic reliefs or just completely dull characters. You can say the Russell family would be characters we care about, the problem is this film doesn’t set them up well at all, making us go, “Eh it’s just a regular family, who cares.” It’s just glossed over, you don’t feel any emotion towards these characters or felt like they lost their son years later. Since this family is glossed over where we don’t care about nobody in this family, you bring full on hatred towards one of our main characters Dr. Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga)... This character is completely terrible. She releases these monsters because apparently you need to, in order to rebuild a civilization. Now for our main villain which be random old guy, ok he gets a hall pass because he’s the villain... But Emma is suppose to be a good character whom happens to be an intelligent being, how in the world did she get talked into killing millions of lives?! This is beyond stupidity, it felt like watching the cloned little girl from Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom all over again, same character and same scenario. I can’t think of any logic going into this characters head while approving massive destruction and killing innocent lives. You can get away with it with the old guy because he’s a villain to begin with, but Emma had the chance to not go through with it in one scene, and she blew it because she sided with the old villain stupid plan of wiping out civilization?! WHAT?!? Did you enjoy our comedic relief characters?! Weren’t they so funny?! No, you didn’t laugh at any joke?! Dr. Rick Stanton (Bradley Whitford) is the most annoying character in the entire movie. He cracks jokes every five minutes and it’s never funny once, it’s dead silence in the theater when this moron comes on screen, like just shut the hell up. There’s like characters that are just there to be a character and provide nothing to the table. Did we really need PowerPoint presenting guy Sam Coleman (Thomas Middleditch) in this movie?! This character is completely dull, I wanted to take a nap every time he was on screen, and I love this actor, he’s great in Silicon Valley, Entanglement, he even made an impact in Tag for his small role... But his talent should not be wasted on a role that doesn’t need him, give somebody else looking for a big break this role, but this character is the most forgettable character in the entire movie. I enjoyed Dr. Ishiro little moment with Godzilla in the third act... However that’s the only time Ken Wantanabe’s performance actually worked there, because he was terrible in this film, struggling immensely in line delivery in several occasions. The story sucked, it felt like a copy and pasted third act of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, only it’s surprisingly worst than that film. All it is to summarize is a character making a stupid boneheaded choice, then it’s just a monster battle the entire way. You know what happens when you only offer monster battles in a two hour film, with no characters to carry any story along?! It becomes completely tiring to watch. This is why you can’t listen to fans, Godzilla had a simple effective story, with a consistent amount of monster moments. You can’t have a completely idiotic story, with nothing but monster battles, you know how boring it is to sit and watch no story, no structure, and just flat out monster battles?! My friends wanted to go home because they were just bored out of their minds, like why would anyone ask for a movie like this?! Can someone explain how a character in the third act escaped, without anyone noticing, in a large facility?! You mean to tell me this advanced facility has no security cameras outside, so when intruders come, they can come in easily without no alarm or alerts?! How stupid is that?! Overall, Godzilla King of Monsters is a mindless piece of crap. I don’t recommend this film at all, save your money for a different movie that actually offers something other than loud obnoxious noise and nonsense. Best part of this entire experience, was a Godzilla fan boy showing off his toys to me and my friends after the movie... Great job dude, you made this boring experience actually exciting, God Bless you. -Mitch Smietana

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