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Giant Little Ones Quick View A Solid Watch With a Well Earned Message Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Giant Little Ones tells a story of two high schoolers on the swim team, whom happen to be best friends Franky (Josh Wiggins) and Ballas (Darren Mann). Franky was hoping to get laid by his girlfriend after his birthday party, turned out his girlfriend needed to be home early due to her parents being strict. Franky and Ballas roam around the streets instead, drinking and causing trouble. Later that night Franky and Ballas had a sexual encounter with each other, as Ballas left Franky’s room terrified. To make things less awkward between the two, Ballas tells a lie that he woke up to Franky going down on him, which was untrue. Franky’s friendship with Ballas ends, Franky now gets picked on, as he tries moving forward from these unfortunate events. Few flaws to talk about before discussing Giant Little Ones. The lie that Ballas told, got around the school as I’m wondering due to the details of this lie... Why hasn’t a cop visit one of Franky’s classes?! The lie Ballas told is a serious case of sexual assault that he’s claiming, the lie does get around to almost every student, so I would assume it would come around to a staff member, which would then lead them calling the authorities to handle this situation. I didn’t care for Franky’s friend Mouse (Niamh Wilson), it felt like an undeveloped comedic relief, if handled properly Mouse would’ve been a better character. I don’t feel the cast did a bad job, however I felt some line delivery made by cast members were poorly delivered at times. You can clearly tell the ways some lines delivered were read on paper, rather than flowing naturally. So Giant Little Ones is from the same production company that brought us 1985, I highly recommend that film it’s great. This production company brought us another quality film with Giant Little Ones. From a Cinematography to a Score standpoint, it looks and sounds really good. The cast all in all did a fine job, despite my issues I’ve said earlier. You totally bought in Josh Wiggins and Darren Mann’s chemistry early on, as these two were inseparable. I like what this film did with Franky, after the unfortunate occurrence. Instead of just getting bullied and picked on, we see Franky trying to move forward and discover his true identity. The film adds flavor towards Franky moving forward, as more development is made on another broken soul Ballas’ big sister Natasha (Taylor Hickson). Two souls whom were ruined by lies, come together as they try to achieve closure within each other. It felt like a beautiful bond was being made right before our eyes, it was beautiful hearing these characters discuss their tough moments, as we learn more about their feelings and well being. It’s a well told story as well, offering something different to the table while delivering a solid message at the end. In the end we see Franky coming terms with the idea that it’s ok to feel uncertain about your sexual identity. The way Franky’s father explains to Franky in the very end, which really finishes strong towards a weak finale was wonderfully said. In the end your sexual identity is only a title, love is love as there is no shame in whomever you share your heart with. Whether it’s man-woman, man-man, or woman-woman. Discovering whom you are and whom you choose to share your heart with to any significant other, is a wonderful idea of growing up. Have no shame in whom you want to be, people will always find something to hate about anyone, as long as you keep moving forward, growing as a person, and learn more about yourself as you come to terms whom you want to be... They’ll be people who’ll admire the fact you continue to be yourself. The film can also work as another lesson, that’s it’s best to fight our battles with love rather than hate. You see how in the film, hate doesn’t create solutions for both of these high schoolers. But as soon as Franky comes to terms, that the only way forward is forgiveness... Everything seems to not completely be back to normal, but at least on good terms. Overall, Giant Little Ones is a good film. Check this one out, definitely a quality watch. -Mitch Smietana

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