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Frozen 2 Another Pointless Sequel... Yay Disney Grade: C-

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Do you want to build... Another pointless cash grab sequel?! Have no fear, Disney is here! YAY DISNEY! Frozen 2 is basically Annihilation, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and SuperMan all in one! We go through a once and a life time adventure, of our main heroes traveling through a magical forrest, with no antagonists... Just a forrest. Witness a film that is easily forgettable as the first film, while also maintaining side plots that you honestly don’t care about, and music that is not even worth annoying your loved ones with. When the announcements of Frozen 2 came about, I honestly asked: Why? I know why damn it, the first one made a ton of money and the soundtrack made a ton of money, so why not pull a script you barely have to put any time in effort out of your ass right?! Alright let’s dive deep into Frozen 2 and get this over with. The Animation in this film is honestly... Pretty good. The main improvement from this films animation to the last film, is there is one superb shot of water, where it honestly looked photo realistic to the core and I’m not going to lie it was an impressive shot. I guess for the rest of the animation I like the colors of purple, white, blue... It’s a nice colorful animated film. So the soundtrack I have to ask: Did Lin Manuel Miranda wrote the music?! Because boy oh boy was I bored out of my mind listening to this barely mediocre music. I mean at least with the first film, you can somewhat understand why people like the music, it’s catchy and sounds fine. But with this: The music left me questioning why I watched this in a theater?! When you’re at home watching a film with this amount of bland music, you have control of the remote and to fast forward these BORING musical numbers, I did that with Aladdin (2019) and felt I was taking care of my mental health properly. I don’t think I can recall a single song from this film and I just watched this yesterday... That’s not good. Even some songs I can recall, I heard whomever sang the songs were out of tune or lyrics were just baffling to sit through. The characters in this film... Not much to say. I think what’s baffling is where Elsa (Idina Menzel) and Anna (Kristen Bell) ended up in the end, more so Anna. What gives Anna the right to deserve what the town gives her?! She has earned absolutely nothing to deserve that title whatsoever, if u have been paying attention to the film you can easily agree with me. We get more Olaf (Josh Gad) this time and honestly... Die snowman, die. His whole thing was to become more wiser... By repeating it to the audience, 4,000 times over and over again. Did he became wiser in the end?! No. See this is the same problem Incredibles 2 had with Jack Jack. They believe, “Oh well Jack Jack is loved by the audience, so why not give him more screen time?” as for Frozen 2, “Oh everyone loves that ridiculously stupid snowman, why not give him more screen time?” Incredibles 2 made Jack Jack a comedic gag that was rather annoying... But with Frozen 2 they made Olaf unneeded screen time, as I found it to be a bunch of nonsense. You know what else is a bunch of nonsense and a stupid comedic gag?! Kristoff’s (Jonathan Groff) side plot of trying to propose to Anna... WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?! You know what Kristoff and Olaf side plots tell me?! The film didn’t have enough to deliver a full length feature film, so we got these two honestly boring side plots that we honestly don’t care about. This film is easily comparable to Incredibles 2: A sequel that doesn’t need to be made at all, but was made to make money... That’s it, there is no point in both of those films existing whatsoever. But I will say what Frozen 2 has over Incredibles 2 is it’s not completely predictable. At least while I was watching Frozen 2, I had no idea where things were headed. The film really takes a different approach for a sequel. While you expect an antagonist out of this film, it doesn’t have one at all. It’s just characters traveling through a forrest, as Elsa wants to know where a sound is coming from? That’s really the entire film. I will say the story isn’t completely terrible, it’s honestly just ok. This film could’ve easily receive a C, if they deliver the message it was trying to deliver. There is this thing at the end, which represents bad. The only way forward for a better future, is to destroy that thing from the past. So I was thinking the film was trying to say... We must wipe out things from the past that represents bad and rebuild a better future. For me I would say... That’s not a bad message. But what the film was setting up for.... They instead became a bit hypocritical, because you did not destroy the other thing which does represent bad and did not rebuild a new one. So I found the execution of what this film was potentially trying to say, underwhelming because they did not completely do it... People whom have seen this will understand what I’m talking about. Though this sequel isn’t terrible, it certainly doesn’t do much for me at all. I was bored with this film, I could’ve been better off not seeing this and have not missed much, it’s more forgettable than the first film, I’m going to forget this entire film existence within the first couple months. Overall, Frozen 2 is just another pointless cash grab that is mediocre. I don’t recommend this film, if you’re going to watch it see it when it comes out on DVD, so you can fast forward all the lame musical numbers. Ah Frozen 2: Destroy parts of the past that represents bad, when it’s convenient for you.... Thanks Disney, so wise. -Mitch Smietana

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