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Four Good Days; Grade: C+

Four Goods Days tells a story of a mother named Deb (Glenn Close), getting an unexpected visit from her daughter Molly (Mila Kunis). Deb has enforced her daughter to not come back to her home unless she was clean from drugs such as Meth and Heroin, as Molly comes back wanting to be clean for real this time. After Molly goes through Detox for the 15th time, her doctor insists if she stays clean for another four days, then she could be treated to a once a month shot that'll keep her away from drugs for good. Will Molly be able to stay clean for another four days?!

The Cinematography t'was fine, film looked visually fine as there's not really a single shot worth praising. The makeup design at times were effective, especially with Molly's rotten teeth from the aftermath of Meth and Heroine. However I do believe there were some inconsistency regarding how Molly looked, in terms of facial scars seemingly appearing off and on. You could also say there was some inconsistency with her hair as well. The Score t'was fine yet forgettable.

The cast t'was solid. Glenn Close playing Deb had a solid performance, my real complaint with this performance was not buying into Close crying in the beginning. Deb as a character was fairly written, going through the stress and the anxiety of being a mother of a drug addict, felt realistic. In a way: Deb was part of the blame for Molly's addiction, as we learned later on in the story, that did played a part in Molly feeling insecure and feeling a great amount of sadness, which led her wanting to feel a release from her own reality. Molly played by Mila Kunis had a solid performance as well. Molly was also fairly written as well, as it does perhaps speaks volume in terms of just how it's not easy to quit as an addict. It could be easy as we can tell ourselves to stop, however with Molly she pleads the case that she told herself a thousand times she was going to quit for good, however her body and mind feeling so accustomed towards the high, the craving towards that high more than often leads her to failure.

I have flaws with Four Good Days. I do believe the scene with Deb and her other daughter ran on too long, I do think in some way the scene was effective, however it felt as if it ran too long. There are parts within the finale that I found absurdly stupid, by both Molly but mostly Deb in the terms of this situation.

There have been similar films like Four Good Days, dealing with a parent handling one with a drug addiction. Such as Beautiful Boy or Ben is Back. Four Good Days may not be as good as those films, however it does at least stand out to be something particularly different and at least effective in some ways.

The story doesn't wow you by any means, but as in terms of trying to display it's moral meaning across in terms of addicts per say... I do think it succeeds on it's purpose. Though the predictability stands out like a sore thumb, as you know what is bound to happen as Deb lets her guard down in a couple scenarios... At least you were at least interested if Molly could follow her word and get through these crucial days, into potentially leaving the life as an addict as well. Couple effective striking scenes, including Molly addressing a classroom or Deb approaching an addict's house.

Overall, Four Good Days t'was an average film. I recommend checking this one out but I believe it's better suited as a rental. -Mitch Smietana

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