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Ford V Ferrari A Great Ole Fashion American Underdog Story Grade: B+

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Ford V Ferrari takes place in the mid 1960’s, where Ford isn’t top tier in the car industry. They’ve been lacking in terms of quality, as it’s mainly quantity for them, which is making Ford less popular in today’s world. Lee (Jon Bernthal) makes a suggestion to Henry Ford the Second (Tracy Letts) that they need to rebuild their model like Ferrari, as Ferrari has been top tier in quality and in the racing game... Winning the last few Le Mans. While Ford couldn’t make a deal happen in terms of merging companies, it strikes a rivalry between the two, which inspires Ford to create a race car to compete and win against Ferrari at Le Mans. Ford wants the best so he hires a well known car designer Carroll Shelby (Matt Damon) to design the car and a talented race car driver Ken Miles (Christian Bale). Ford hopes Shelby and Miles will do as they are paid to do and conquer Ferrari at their own game. The Cinematography was pretty good in this film, the way the camera captures the race car scenes is quite marvelous. The Score was your good ole fashion classic American cinema composed score, as I enjoyed it for what it is, not too spectacular but delightful. I enjoyed the Sound Editing in this film, especially one iconic scene dealing with Shelby holding up a sign for Miles during a race, as then Miles shifts gears... That scene ROCKED! This may get nominated for sound editing, I thought they excel towards this aspect of this film. The cast all in all was pretty darn good, a nice ensemble cast we got here. Matt Damon playing Carroll Shelby was surprisingly impressive in this role, he actually didn’t play himself this time around and he challenged himself encountering an accent, this is probably one of his best roles in quite some time. I really enjoyed the character Carroll Shelby, a man whom has a dear love and passion for race car driving. You can tell in his eyes and his demeanor that he can care less about money, though being paid a great amount of money from Ford, Shelby wanted the best as far as creating a car and whom was driving it. He didn’t care about looking good for the boss or did as he was told for the most part, he cared about creating the best car and winning the race. Speaking of enjoyable characters: Ken Miles is the best character of this entire film and the best performance of this entire film, played by Christian Bale. Now here’s a guy whom LOVES racing and has an equal passion for it as well as Shelby in comparison, only he let it be known as he had a strong personality. Ken is the type of guy whom you root for, a stand up guy whom works hard and has fun while working on his passion. Damon and Bale have great chemistry together, as both on screen were absolutely wonderful together. Josh Lucas plays cliche douchebag as I got to say: I hated this character, but Josh had a solid performance. Leo was such a kiss ass to the boss, where he didn’t care about winning at all, but just the image of Ford and it actually drove me quite crazy. Like why are you apart of Ford, if you don’t want to see your own car dominate the race?! Even in the third act drove me crazy, an extremely annoying character. Tracy Letts had a solid performance as Henry Ford the Second, his scene where he’s being driven in his own car with Shelby was hilarious I must say. I do have a couple flaws to discuss. I didn’t like the film showing Henry Ford saying a racial slur, after being insulted by Ferrari. Now I don’t know if this scene was actually from true events, as well as I wasn’t there... But for this particular film and story, I would’ve suggest keeping the protagonist strong as we want to see Ford win obviously, due to the fact their big underdogs in the race. But now you’re reminded that Henry Ford said something racist towards the Italian race, as you come to question, “Why do I want Ford to win? This guy is a jerk.” Being an Italian of course that offended me and stuck with me the entire movie. I would’ve ended the film after the Le Mans race, nothing wrong with how things ended, just a personal preference is all. I didn’t watch a single trailer for this film, I wanted to keep it fresh for me when I see it. I gotta say for a two and a half hour movie: This was extremely entertaining, like wow that was GUUUUD piece of cinema I just watched. The story reminds me a ole classic American cinema stories, a couple examples Rudy and October Sky. It’s such a great underdog story, involving well written characters you can relate to and root them on beginning to end. The pacing of this film moves extremely well, as I don’t recall a single dull moment ever in this film. I love the race car scenes extremely much here, their fast, loud, thrilling, extremely fun... I haven’t felt like this while watching a film based on race cars in so long, as this film reminds me just how fun they are. Surprisingly enough there is a bit of comedic moments in this film and I’ve come to laugh quite a bit while watching it, it’s pretty funny. Though this film is entertaining and thrilling where you’re on the edge of your sit, it’s also a very emotionally moving film. Though behind the scenes, the industry only cares about money and iconic photo shots, so their company can profit off of... But when you watch the main little guys in center, you’re reminded just how great of a feeling it is to do something you extremely enjoy as a passion. Overall, Ford V Ferrari is a great film. I highly recommend this film, if you have a chance to watch this in IMAX, I strongly suggest you do, well worth the experience. This film gave me a reason to... SHAKE.... And.... BAKE! -Mitch Smietana

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