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Five Feet Apart Quick View Grab Your Tissues, Because it’s Time to Cry Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Five Feet Apart tells a story about a teenage girl named Stella (Haley Lu Richardson) whom has cystic fibrosis, so she’s only allowed to be within six feet from others whom have this disease. Stella for the most part is positive and energetic, even has her own YouTube channel giving people updates about her treatment. Meanwhile another patient with cystic fibrosis named Will (Cole Sprouse) although has talent for drawing cartoon, is careless and rude about his treatment. Will is driving Stella nuts due to she has OCD, so when Will is not taking his treatment seriously, it just bothers her completely. So Will makes a deal with Stella, that he’ll be committed to do his regime, as long as he can draw Stella. Watch as the two patients with CF fall in love together, even though restricted to a bare minimum of distance. When it comes to chick flicks dealing with a pair that has diseases, I typically like them. Fault in our Stars is a great film, although the lead woman in Me Before You didn’t have a disease I found that one to be good. Five Feet Apart lands on Me Before You side, I liked this movie. Surprisingly enough this film has solid Cinematography, which is odd because majority of the film takes place in a hospital, but they have some nice shots here consisting of a mediation room and one particular hallway shot. The Score was cool, a couple enjoyable soundtrack selections and some composed music that works. The cast I thought were good, I’d say Will’s mom was probably the only issue I had as far as performances go, but everyone else did a fine job. Haley Lu Richardson has become an actress I keep an eye on whenever she’s in a film, she has been quite impressive in her last two roles Columbus and I Support the Girls. I thought she easily had the best performance in the entire film, this is her film as she owns the screen, a really good believable performance. Cole Sprouse aka Golden Boy from Suite Life of Zack and Cody I thought his performance was fine, stumbled in a couple scenes, but for the most part his performance didn’t bothered me. He had solid chemistry with Haley, as that makes a romance film work just right. I wasn’t expecting to see Moises Arias in this film, playing another CF patient Poe, I thought he had a good performance that kind of impressed me, wasn’t expecting that. I do have a couple flaws. I feel the third act was kind of over the top, majority of the film was more simple and mature, as when these events occurred during the end... I’m like eh I understand, but I feel this was too much for what this film was going for before. Barb should’ve not been upset at those whom attended Will’s birthday, I get she’s wants safety for her fellow CFers, but comon who knows when they’ll still be around, let them enjoy the moment. I felt the story was good, a simple and effective little romance story. Makes you go “Awh” a few times, very adorable stuff especially towards the end. I feel one can get out that even though one should strive to get better, one must also try to live life to the fullest because you never know when your day will come. Stella didn’t just stay miserable while she was sick, she actually made it a nice life despite her restrictions. Even though some may have an issue romanticizing those whom have a disease, how else does one have hope? It just feels odd to me people would have a problem with that, it’s two young kids dying whom need a scapegoat to keep striving to be alive, love is the best medicine to give people hope so... Lighten up. Overall, Five Feet Apart was a solid chick flick. I recommend this movie, available to rent now at your local RedBox. -Mitch Smietana

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