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Finding You; Grade: C+

Finding You tells a story about a violinist named Finley (Rose Reid), whom audition for a school and didn't make it, as Finley has one final chance to audition again in the fall. So Finley during the summer decided to partake in a foreign exchange program in Ireland, where her brother used to stay at long ago. Finley gets bumped to first class, where she'll end up meeting a famous actor Beckett Rush (Jedidiah Goodacre), who wants to be a normal teenager instead of living the life of riches and fame. Beckett and Finley will soon meetup in the same place Finley is staying at in her exchange program, as they will both find themselves through the art of romance.

The Cinematography was solid, there are some gorgeous shots of Ireland, especially the nature shots within the mountains and waters. Also worth noting that I appreciated this film, kind of mocking out these medieval films, with these poorly done special effects with the dragons... I had a nice laugh I must say. The Score was solid as well, really enjoyed the Irish Fidel playing music, made many scenes extremely enjoyable and even worth dancing to. The only issue I would have within the Score, is what happens in the end dealing with a violin, which I will explain later on.

The cast all in all was fine?! They'll be at times where the acting was poorly done, as it strikes a great amount of corniness, that was extremely hard for me to take seriously. Finley played by Rose Reid had a solid performance. The character Finley holds up regarding the moral purpose of the meaning in this film. Finley was lacking uniqueness within her violin playing, as of course those who grant Finely an audition were easily unimpressed. Finley partaking in this scenery, partaking in trying to find her brothers tombstone, partaking in an interest in Beckett, partaking in helping an elderly woman, and partaking in a drunk fiddler showing her a new sound really inspired her to find herself, so she too can be herself while playing the violin. There are questionable moments within Finley, that make her feel confusing much?! Especially in a scene, where she pleads to Beckett that she can't be with someone that lives a double fake life, however a couple seconds later she accepts his offer into attending a dance with him, after he was trying to excuse his lifestyle?! There are quite a couple moments like that, within her character.

Jedidiah Goodacre playing Beckett Rush had a fairly decent performance, I will say he nailed that teary eyed scene quite well in the pub. Beckett Rush as well holds up, regarding the moral purpose in this film's meaning. Beckett though grateful for the riches and fame, however seems completely empty within his life, as he never has truly lived his life as a normal teenage boy within the likes of school and such. The issue is Beckett never has taken actual control of his life, he lets his father and media persona have full control, as Beckett doesn't have a spine of his own, to make his own decisions and let the media know the real him. With his romance with Finley, she opened his eyes as she shown him that not only does he need to stand up for himself, but how wonderful life can be if he was in control of it all, to live a life knowing you are in control of your own destiny?! Finley's genuine pure heart really inspired Beckett, as he too is like her and not the dysfunctional portrayal the media wants to portray him as.

Vanessa Redgrave playing Cathleen Sweeney had a solid performance. I felt this character though completely different from the two main characters, did have some significance regarding forgiving yourself and going on a life not being bitter and miserable. Cathleen was haunted by her past, as she and her sister lived an enduring life of being cut off from each others life, so Cathleen was then hating herself and she soon rots away. It's important though feeling at guilt, that you do something about it, as you can truly miss out in enduring the joys out of life and especially joy within your family as well. This whole side plot felt meaningful in some capacity.

Finding You felt like a traditional chick flick, where it showcases romance however has a fair amount of meaning, in which you take notes on how to become a better person and a better lover. I felt this story does give one an opportunity to look themselves in the mirror, realizing have they found themselves yet?! Watching Beckett and Finley's journey into finding themselves within each other was sweet.

Finding You however does have a fair amount of complications. A fair amount of the moments of conflict, were just oddly very confusing that you can't comprehend with the mind of some of these characters, especially Beckett. There’s quite many moments in which Beckett truly doesn't make much sense. I mean here's somebody, where Finley has opened doors for him inside his mind, heart, and soul where no one else has, where Finley treats him as a human being than just a prop for their own self worth. Yet Finley in a critical moment, takes sides with those that honestly don't care about him nor value him as a human being?! Like it doesn't make much sense because there's no reason to take sides with them, over Finley in this moment. There is a fair amount of likeness towards this character, but there are times in which you get lost in comprehending with this character.

I really don't understand how Finley ended up with her unique sound?! After partaking in Ireland and their sound of a fiddler, how does one end up coming up with playing violin over a hip hop beat?! Like I was just... What?! Where did that came from?! There is no way her sound in which was inspired from the likes of the land of Ireland, ended up come up with playing almost the same exact routine only it's over a basic generic hip hop beat, it was a very bizarre display. There can be more bizarre displays in this film, that feels just kind of strange, and even corny some. I do believe the whole "Would you help an old lady in the rain riding a bike" sequence to be just goofy. Like Beckett knows what this girl is like, that's why I don't understand the point in asking that question, as he damn well knows this girl doesn't have a soul to begin with. For what Finding You is worth: It kind of works as an effective chick flick, that can tend to be slowed down by some very bizarre elements.

Overall, Finding You was a perfectly average chick flick. I recommend checking this one out, could be a nice date night. -Mitch Smietana

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