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Family Karate and Juggalo’s brings a delightful combination to the field Grade: B

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Family tells a story about a woman whom is content with her life as being an independent workaholic Kate (Taylor Schilling). Kate however has to put herself aside this time, as her brother’s wife’s mother is dying, therefore Kate has to watch her strange niece Maddie (Bryn Vale) for a few days. I wanted to check this indie comedy out for one reason: I really enjoyed the poster, it’s a pretty well made poster. There’s a few things I enjoyed about Family. I thought the cast was nice all together. Taylor Schilling and Bryn Vale both played solid performances, were both funny, and worked extremely well together. They had solid chemistry and were in a strange way adorable in their scenes together. Kate McKinnon had a solid performance in her small role as the serious mom next door neighbor, she was funny as well. Brian Tyree Henry had a small role as a karate teacher and he was good too. I was surprised in Fabrizio Zacharee Guido performance as this store clerk kid Dennis, whom became an unexpected friend of Maddie’s, he was surely a knock out in his performance. T’was very hilarious especially towards his opening scene, really enjoyed what he had to offer and hope to see more out of him in the future. The story was simply told, despite it’s cliches it pulls through with a original told story. The story doesn’t speak volumes in any way, unless you talking about the Juggalo’s portion which was sort of interesting. But you can tell the heart is there with this script as people truly cared about this project, which is why despite it’s problems I’ve learned to enjoy it for what it was. The comedy material is definitely it’s strongest trait, it is very good. I am surprised in the rare moments that I laughed out loud, whether it be in Kate’s work office, Kate’s brother’s house, Maddie’s bizarre weird moments including her altercation in school, scenes with Dennis, and the love for chicken parm... Definitely carries this film on it’s back that’s for sure. My main issue is the technical portion for this film. The Score was highly forgettable, Cinematography was fine as not many shots wowed me maybe a couple redeemable store front shots. The sound editing felt very off for me, including very noticeably bad dubbing moments, there was many of them and it was very distracting for me as I was watching. I had a good time watching this film despite it’s problems, there’s a great amount of heart in this simply told project as it gave myself a solid amount of laughter, for a comedy that’s all you can ask for. Overall, Family was a solid comedy film. I do recommend this film, it shall be a great rental in the future incase you missed it theaters. -Mitch Smietana

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