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Falling Inn Love Quick View Fancy Place, A Bit Overpriced Though Grade: C-

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Falling Inn Love.... Oh boy, that title. Tells a story about a young business woman Gabriela (Christina Milian) whom recently lost her job and boyfriend, so she’s in need of a change in her life. So Gabriela enters a Win Your Own New Zealand Inn contest, in which if you win, you get your very own Inn and guess what?! SHE WON. Gabriela travels to New Zealand, truly excited to renovate the Inn she won, as it turns out... It’s a complete dump. Witness Gabriela turn a dump into a winner, as love could be in the air while completing this task. Falling Inn Love is a straight up chick flick, women will find enjoyment as men will likely feel bored with it. To me Falling Inn Love is actually not bad, there is some things to enjoy and even give it some props. The whole message of sacrificing a well earn soulless life, to going after what you love is a nice little message. Life is worth living if you go after your hopes and desires, as that is what Gabriela does. She could’ve stayed in America and get another career, but her heart is in renovating homes, she absolutely LOVES IT. The character Gabriela has a solid arc, we do see a change in this character over the course of the film. The main antagonist you can say didn’t need to be there, but at least her motivation made clear sense of why she didn’t care for Gabriela at first. She wanted the Inn ever since she was a little girl, the Inn felt like home to Charlotte (Anna Jullienne) she loved the Inn like she loves her little town. She thought Gabriela just wanted the Inn for an investment, not because she was going to cherish it like it’s her child... It makes clear sense. I also liked how Charlotte’s plan of sabotaging Gabriela’s life, back fired on her, I wasn’t suspecting it. I also thought Gabriela and Jake (Adam Demos) had believable chemistry together, compliments the romantic side of the film. So there are flaws with Falling Inn Love. It’s predictable, I knew where things were going except that little twist in the third act. Gilbert the Goat.... When are film makers going to realize, having an obnoxious animal is never going to be funny?! I’ll give the film credit, there is one moment where Gilbert the Goat brings in a nice chuckle. The film does over stay Gilbert’s welcome, as there are too many appearances. Early on I didn’t get why Gabriela didn’t like Jake at first?! Jake has been nothing but nice to Gabriela, even offering her help. I mean her last relationship didn’t ended on a bad note, where she could hate men, so I don’t get why she was giving Jake a hard time. The scene where it cuts back and forth to Gabriela and Jake trying to think of a text... Oh my that’s laughably unnecessary. Speaking of unnecessary: I was planning on giving this a C, until we are given an unneeded fire in the third act. First off what was the point in this scene?! It comes out of nowhere, we didn’t need this scene. Plus... Why did the entire town just became firefighters?! Half of the characters we’ve known have turned into firefighters, how is that possible?! Falling Inn Love is one of those Hallmarky films, where you just put on as not much bothers you, it’s a watchable little chick flick. Overall, Falling Inn Love is ok. If you’re bored with nothing to do, I guess give this is a try. -Mitch Smietana

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