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Everybody’s Everything Long Live Lil Peep Grade: B

Source: IMDB

Everybody's Everything is a documentary about recording artist Lil Peep, whom recently died due to a drug overdose. The film covers everything you need to know about this rap star, regarding his childhood, struggles, triumph, stardom, and even being an inspiration to many fans whom aren't accepted in the world because they're different than the common norm. Before I start this review let me just say this: Best theater experience of the year hands down so far. The theater was jam packed, I can see many of them were fans of Lil Peep. When I see a near sold out crowd for a movie, I atomically worry, "Oh no, they're gonna be loud aren't they? They're going to be completely disruptive?" I mean Avengers EndGame is a great example: People making noises and clapping randomly... I mean God Forbid that fan base SUCKS! These fans of Lil Peep in the theater I kid you not... Were absolutely respectful start to finish, as everyone was into the film they were watching, pure silence it was completely refreshing... Marvel fans, take notes why don't ya? It's not that hard. I've only listened to one Lil Peep project Come Over When You're Sober Part 2, as I thought the project was not half bad. I enjoyed Life is Beautiful, Fingers, and Falling Down featuring Xxxtentacion. But as far as the man himself behind the music, I knew nothing about other than he overdosed on drugs. The film starts out with Peep's mother thanking everyone that put a lot of time and effort into the film, also discussing the great amount of footage she received in making this film. Then we get a young Lil Peep music video, never before seen and heard song Keep My Coo, which was awesome. The film does a great job delivering as much information as you possibly can about the rapper, I learned so much about him that I never knew before. Even if you're a fan of Lil Peep, I believe it does offer new information about your beloved rapper that you didn't knew before, so it's a well executed documentary for the most part. I enjoyed Lil Peep's grandpa's monologue and other speeches he had spread throughout the film, he was a great writer and such a wise man, delivering great advice for his grandson about just life in general. The film taught me Lil Peep was a pretty nice guy, whom had a big heart and was very generous as it was hard for him to say no. Not only was drugs the problem with Lil Peep, but also his inability to say no and reach out for help. Like I said the rapper was overly generous, he would give to so many people and he had trouble with finances because of it. We can understand Lil Peep struggling with money because he's a kid and didn't knew much about the beauty of saving and budgeting. I felt he could've said no to quite a few people that didn't deserve his generosity, but I've been there before regarding giving to those that don't deserve it... It happens when you're a nice guy. Lil Peep was a troubled soul, so he would drown his sorrows with countless amount of drugs. Lil Peep felt completely ashamed of himself, as it would be embarrassing to reach out for help. But the thing is: You're not doing much good killing your body with drugs, as you can save a great amount of money and helping yourself the natural way, by just talking with a therapist or talk with your family/friends about your depression. The main flaw with this film has to do with regarding drugs. At the end this would be a great opportunity to speak out against drugs, as drugs played the victim in Lil Peep's death. We're not talking weed... We're talking cocaine and meth here... Why is this film so quick to point the finger at those at Peep's tour bus, when they should be discussing the importance of staying away from drugs?! The world has a meth problem, provide a powerful statement against drugs, without drugs Lil Peep would still be alive today and that's a fact, it's got to stop. I enjoyed the film making behind this film, lots of great shots throughout the film. I felt for a tribute and a documentary, this film did a rock solid job in paying homage to this young man and recording artist. Overall, Everybody's Everything is a good documentary. I recommend this film, not sure when it's coming out again in theaters or if it may go to V.O.D, but check it out it's well worth your time. R.I.P. Lil Peep, you're in a better place now as you've inspired many troubled souls in the world. -Mitch Smietana

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