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Everybody Knows Quick View Everybody Knows... That this a Pretty Good Ransom Flick Grade: B+

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Everybody Knows takes place during a family wedding event, as tragedy comes unexpectedly on this wonderful night. Laura's (Penelope Cruz) daughter has been kidnapped, as she is held for ransom at 300,000 Euro's. Witness a family break completely down, discover secrets, as in a time of crisis how they can gather a huge load of cash in little time. I finally gotten around to this finally, I missed it in theaters and procrastinate just a little. I really liked Everybody Knows, not your typical style of a ransom film as it takes it time and is more of a drama than a suspenseful film, but I enjoyed it. I have a couple flaws with it. The family accusing the daughter playing a prank on them was a bit silly. Given the background that the daughter is a well behaved child, whom hasn't done no wrong, plus it's during one of the happiest times in someone's life... That assumption was strange, plus ran on too long. Laura's assumption of what would give past lover Paco motivation to plan a kidnap on her daughter, again was silly. I can see where her mind was at, but come on that was like what?! 17 maybe 18 years ago?! I'm sure Paco would have gotten over that by now, plus he has his own family and a nice living. There's one thing I'm uncertain with regarding the swap at the end, the film’s ending felt underwhelming as well for me. The film looks great from a production design stand point, really adored the sets within this film. The Cinematography t'was pretty good as well, nice looking film. I enjoyed the cast as a whole, of course Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem were both great in this film, had fantastic chemistry together. I thought the whole thing with the character Paco, deciding between saving Laura's daughter with the ransom by selling his estate was pretty good. It was a tough choice for him: Either help out an ole past love or keep the estate so many gardening workers can keep their jobs, puts Paco in a difficult situation. This was a well written story, it's more than just a ransom movie. We see how a family breaks down completely, panicking and blaming others, as to why they have no money to pay off the ransom, by past decision making. We see a ransom side that was solid and had clear motivation. We see a solid plot twist, that brings the stakes even more high for Paco. Though I do say is more slow paced than other films in this genre, this one felt it had more to offer than just delivering a simple tale, which I gotta say it all complimented well together as a whole. Overall, Everybody Knows was a pretty good film. I recommend this film, check this one out on Netflix when you get the chance. -Mitch Smietana

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