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Escape Room: Tournament of Champions; Grade: D-

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is a beloved continuation of the first, as from the opening five minutes we are given a full recap of the first film, as the studio is well aware that no one had seen this film or everyone has forgotten about it within a couple years after it’s release. In this film: Our main characters Zoey (Taylor Russell) and Ben (Logan Miller) whom succeeded the Escape Room first time around, ventures back where it all started, hoping to take down “The Game” and make sure it can not hurt anyone else ever again. While venturing out in the same spot it was at before, Zoey’s necklace got snatched by a stranger, as Zoey and Ben find themselves in a Subway bus as the robber got away. But this wasn’t any ordinary Subway…. THEY’RE BACK IN THE GAME! That’s right: Zoey and Ben are partaking in the fun filled death game again, only this time they’ll be accompanied by four other strangers, whom have had experience with this game before.

The only lone positive I can give to Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is the Bank Escape Room sequence… I think that’s the only lone room that had me going “Aye this isn’t half bad.” It may not be a jaw dropping constructed room, however I think how it was constructed with the clues and such involved was fairly done.

As we encounter Zoey and Ben back in this whole ordeal once again, when another character finds out Zoey, Ben, and everyone else has had experience with this whole shin gig as she blurts out the title word for word… I knew right then and there I was in for a source of entertainment that can be catered to the lowest common denominator. There is no shame in liking these kind of films, I can understand the appeal as it’s a quick source of disposable entertainment. But for my standards… This is honestly one of the dumbest sequels I’ve watched in quite awhile, as I question is there really a point in all this?!

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions regarding the setup, of how the characters have gotten to this point can be confusing some. You understand how Zoey and Ben got there, but as for ALL the other characters being at this exact same spot, whom have dealt with this same ordeal before… How is that possible, considering they live in a gigantic city such as New York City?! It’s literally impossible to achieve this unless it was planned, as the company behind this didn’t plan it at all, it was done just by sure luck?! I would’ve prefer the company sending out some troops, capturing every past champion one by one by knocking them out cold, as then this one grand ordeal can commence. How it got to this point other than Zoey and Ben being drawn to there… It really makes no sense.

Other than the Bank Room, I found the other rooms to be uneventful but it’s also worth noting the set design looks extremely cheap, followed by poor lighting. I felt the rooms from the first film were MUCH MUCH better than this time around, it also felt there was more of a budget put into that aspect, as here it just looks awful especially that whole Beach Room. Like as stuff was happening I can easily tell how fake and ridiculous everything looked.

The thing with Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is that it wasn’t necessarily the worst thing I’ve experience, in terms of level of stupidity, until the third act as a plot twist was revealed. Once this plot twist is introduced… I just couldn’t believe how unnecessary and how stupid the turn of events has went for a story like this one. I feel it’s about on par with the setup in the beginning, in terms of how it makes entirely no sense and you can even say it’s literally impossible, like there is no justification in how this can be reality at this point. In terms of the finale goes it kind of felt predictable. I mean in that opening montage with Zoey and this other character, you can tell by the body language of this character that something is up… I mean I’m not a fan of people that work in this characters profession, but I know damn well they don’t just act like a psychopath as their eyes light up just because, especially given the fact people of this characters profession wouldn’t have any passion for someone like Zoey.

By the end of Escape Room: Tournament of Champions, all I could say as the credits roll, “Well that was stupid!” Like I said: I understand the appeal of these kinds of films, quick disposal entertainment as I even felt a sigh of relief it ended so quickly as well. For me it’s something I just don’t care for, it almost feels as a Watered Down Saw in a way. At least I had some good unintentional laughs I guess?

Overall, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions was pure stupid. I don’t recommend this film, I guess I’ll suggest checking out the first couple Saw films instead. -Mitch Smietana

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